Write Forgiveness Letter & Sign It — Only if You’re Ready! (Step 3)

Write a NEW letter to that person, following this format:

“I acknowledge that you, __________________ [person], have foibles, weaknesses, blind spots, and frailties. And of my own free will,I choose to forgive you for the harm you have caused me.”

Notice what your body is telling you as you consider this person as the flawed human being they are, with their weaknesses, foibles and patterns… and what happens in your body if you can find it in your heart to authentically forgive them. (Do you feel lighter?)

After you’ve written this forgiveness letter, see if you can authentically agree with the statement you wrote.

Remember, forgiveness does NOT mean you’re saying what they did was ok! It simply means you’re ready to let go of all that old suffering you’ve been carrying around, and move on with your life. If you agree, sign the letter. And if you are not ready to forgive yet — no problem, don’t sign it yet.