Identify if you have “incomplete” relationships with other(s) and/or yourself in regards to money.

Review your past relationships (including your relationship with yourself), and notice which of them are incomplete. You can tell a relationship is “incomplete” for you if any of the following happen when you think of that person or relationship:

A. You feel resentful, hurt, bewildered, sad, humiliated, angry, betrayed, jealous, grief-stricken, fearful
or hate them

B. You feel guilty, ashamed, regretful, sorry, or angry at yourself:
“I should have . . .” “I shouldn’t have….” “I wish I’d….” “Why didn’t I…” “What is WRONG with me?”

Not sure if the relationship incomplete? You can use muscle testing (Treasure #4) to test.
“My relationship with x is complete”. If the answer is ‘NO,’ continue with the process below.
(If the answer is anything less than a strong “YES,” do the process anyway.)

If you have an incomplete relationship that falls into the “A” category, do the process below as
written. If it falls into the “B” category, do it to yourself. It’s in both categories? It’s best to do
the entire process twice — once for them, and then for you.

If you have several incomplete relationships, muscle-test whether it’s “safe, appropriate and in
the highest and best good to begin with the relationship that carries the strongest emotional
charge.” If you get a NO, muscle test all the incomplete relationships until you get “This is the
right relationship to begin this process with.” Do it, then do others as time allows.