Finish Writing (or drawing) Your Story If Needed & Scrub It Out of You

Finish writing (or drawing) your story if needed. Feel the energy of what you’ve written, the associated emotions and physical sensations. Then rub the page counter-clockwise over your body anywhere you feel you’re holding the old, un-transformed story in your body. Really give it attention, especially in the lower chakras (your belly, womb/groin, root, soles of your feet). Draw it out like a poultice! Thoroughly scrub it out of you so that any old, sticky gunk from the story is transferred to the paper.

Be willing to LET GO of this old story, so that your greater Truth can emerge. If you have trouble doing that, ask for help from your higher self and guides: “Please, help me be willing to let go of this story. Help me know that I no longer need it.

The assignments following this are “3 very important things to do to complete the process.”
Ideally, do them within 24 hours if possible — especially the Burn Ceremony.  In any case, DO NOT take longer than 4 days: