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See Breakthrough Stories from heart-centered business owners just like you:

Photo of Ilona Berkoben, MD

Amazing and very Powerful!

I feel so light and great, I haven’t felt this way for a long time! The Breakthrough Session was amazing and very powerful. You are such a blessing in my life and I am so glad the Universe put you on my path.

Ilona Berkoben MD
Health and Nutrition Coach

photo of Jo Ellen Newman, MBA

Blew Me Away! 

Within the first few minutes of my Money Breakthrough Session I experienced a HUGE shift that had been lurking in the background, preventing me from earning the income I desired. Immediately after the session I raised my rates, and soon after made my first 5 figure sale. Very powerful experience!

Jo Ellen Newman, MBA
Life and Business Coach

I know I am divinely protected!

I have a lot of valuable information to share but WAS terrified of speaking. We cleared fears from my past lifetimes and I know now that in this one I am safe and divinely protected. 

Trina Hammond,
Master Healer and Messenger

Genuine, heart-centered approach, powerful techniques!

I made big shifts in my life and business. I came alive again after an intensely difficult year; I'm stronger, more trusting, and empowered... I'm making changes that I've wanted for a long time.

Melody Rae Jones,
Wisdom Coach & Mentor

You are the Bomb!

My Money Breakthrough Session made a HUGE difference! Afterwards I was invited out of the blue to connect people with projects needing funding to a $2 billion funding source. 12 of my projects went through. The commissions on almost any of them will leave me never concerned with money again. 

Lorelei Fenton, Coach

Photo of Suzana

Decades of writers' block disappeared in minutes!

I now feel empowered, more present and honor my worth. It is very liberating and I have stopped procrastinating. This energy has strengthened and stayed with me. I've been free to meet my Highest Potential!

Suzana, Holistic Healer

From 6 months of zero sales to $45,000 in 3 weeks!

6 months of 0 sales... I was in stuck in shame and frustration. After 1 week of working with Pamela, my losing streak is truly gone -- I just made $45,000 in 3 weeks! And I have such clarity about my business and my boundaries now. I am my happy self again.

Judy Brandt,

Tracy Higgin Both

I am now completely self-sustaining financially!

In 3 months of Mentorship with Pamela, my business went from only having a couple of clients to having many clients, repeat clients, a completely different structure for my business — and repeating profitable months to the point where I am completely self-sustaining. It feels SO good! To say it's been life-changing would be an understatement.

Shelbi Dubord,
Trauma Coach

Photo of Lori

Now I'm taking care of ME. I got my life back!

How light I feel: Safe, happy, and tingling all over! I feel it in every cell of my body. I realize I thought I WAS my work... Who I am is my heart.

Within days, Lori stopped taking on new clients (she was already overwhelmed), let her friends back into her life, and prioritized self-care.

Lori, Therapist

Shauna E. VanddrHoek

So valuable in bringing me back to Heart

I am now able to move forward with Your Business On Cruise™, my new service to small businesses owners – the people I think make a real difference on this planet.

Shauna E. VanderHoek, Consultant
Your Business On Cruise


So inspiring and life-changing! I feel so joyful and optimistic.

Dr. Pamela's coaching is so rich in content it has made me leap forward in many ways -- trusting my higher self, taking inspired action, creating my own unique healing work, and now have my first paying clients!

Corporate with new healing practice


Took my coaching business to a whole new level

Now I dress more professionally, and radiate confidence and clarity. I raised my rates by 80% and am finding plenty of clients who are happy to pay. Pamela also showed me how to greatly increase the clarity and range of my offerings, so I retain my best clients and attract all the new clients I want.

Ravi Walsh, Spiritual Life Coach 


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