For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Video 1 ___________ Click here for your Video 1 Worksheet – use it while you watch, to get maximum value Please comment, ask questions, and share your experiences with the worksheet below. We love to hear from you, and will personally reply! Get Your Right Livelihood Touchstone Worksheet here Head over and take … Continue reading For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

An Uncomfortable Conversation

A few years ago, I went on an underworld journey. I went unwillingly (sobbing, terrified and furious!) as I descended into debt and left my beloved community behind to start over. Turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. I learned so much in that dark time about money, spirituality and … Continue reading An Uncomfortable Conversation

Transmuting Fear into Light

This is a powerful process you can model to permanently dissolve your fear into Light, and also remove some collective fear from the world. It doesn’t matter what your fear is about, nor how real it seems — fear is fear, and you can transmute it into light. This is one example of how to … Continue reading Transmuting Fear into Light

How you can uplift the world

In this crucial time of transition, how can we plant seeds of truth and healing? How can we sow the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? As our established systems break down in the face of political, environmental and social crises, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. We’ve entered a time where … Continue reading How you can uplift the world

Finding the Higher Perspective on the Election

I was shocked when Donald Trump won the election. Like millions of others, I was so sure Hillary Clinton would win (although I didn’t vote for her) that I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw the results. Most of my family and friends were terrified, outraged, disgusted, depressed, even physically ill —they … Continue reading Finding the Higher Perspective on the Election

Your Inner Critic is NOT your enemy

You know that mean inner voice that says, “You SHOULD BE …”, “You SHOULDN’T have …” and “What is WRONG with you?!” in such a harsh and judgemental way? Yup, our Inner Critic gets really nasty when we’re not living up to its high standards. It often seems like our worst enemy: keeps us up … Continue reading Your Inner Critic is NOT your enemy