Your Inner Critic is NOT your enemy

You know that mean inner voice that says, “You SHOULD BE …”, “You SHOULDN’T have …” and “What is WRONG with you?!” in such a harsh and judgemental way? Yup, our Inner Critic gets really nasty when we’re not living up to its high standards. It often seems like our worst enemy: keeps us up … Continue reading Your Inner Critic is NOT your enemy

Fereshta’s Story — the incredible, inspiring power of getting clear

I want to share a true story that moves and inspires me. It’s a reader’s story, someone I’ve never met, whose life was transformed by 1 of the exercises we’ll be doing in Sunday’s workshop, “Crystal Clear for the New Year: A Soul-Guided Journey to Your Deep Truth“. Her name is Fereshta. She first wrote … Continue reading Fereshta’s Story — the incredible, inspiring power of getting clear

The Hidden Gift?

I’m back now from my vacation in Alaska and California, where I experienced deep JOY — and also complete CONFUSION. There was JOY in being with my dear Alaskan sister Coowe (left), who I love and miss very much. And JOY in going on a 5 hour horseback expedition with her — even though I … Continue reading The Hidden Gift?

Choose Your Path

The Magic of Gratitude and the Power of Choice Yesterday I woke up very early, feeling full of fear and doubt. I lay in bed trying to calm myself down, trying to figuring out what I was afraid of and why I couldn’t relax and go back to sleep…. Boy, that sure didn’t help. Finally … Continue reading Choose Your Path

The 3 Critical Keys: Removing Resistance

Three Critical Keys To Success Video Series Video Two: Removing Resistance (with Muscle Testing Training)     Click here to return to Video 1: Vision-Powered Goals Please share your comments