The Hidden Gift?

I’m back now from my vacation in Alaska and California, where I experienced deep JOY — and also complete CONFUSION. There was JOY in being with my dear Alaskan sister Coowe (left), who I love and miss very much. And JOY in going on a 5 hour horseback expedition with her — even though I … Continue reading The Hidden Gift?

The 3 Critical Keys: Removing Resistance

Three Critical Keys To Success Video Series Video Two: Removing Resistance (with Muscle Testing Training)     Click here to return to Video 1: Vision-Powered Goals Please share your comments  

Trust Your Guidance — and access it more

I have a confession to make.   For the longest time, I’ve been hiding — scared to admit I receive insights, visions, and inspired guidance from outside my normal awareness — from what I think of as my heart’s wisdom, or the Divine within. Way too weird!  What would people think?!  (And what would my very … Continue reading Trust Your Guidance — and access it more