Next Level Prosperity Retreat

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What Retreat Participants Say

“Rediscovered myself and my true purpose! Left enlightened and ignited…

“For years I’d been drifting away from my life’s purpose… I was busy doing and not being who I truly am. This Retreat helped me rediscover myself.
During this 4 day Retreat I awakened, rediscovered my purpose, and kickstarted my journey to new beginnings that bring joy, peace and fulfillment.

On Days 1 & 2, Pamela skillfully guided the group to tap into our subconscious to find our true purpose. Through the well-crafted exercises, I was able to clearly see my true purpose. Then I created a vision board that gives me a daily reminder of who I am and what I am creating to make this world a better place and fill my heart with joy.

With Pamela’s gentle guidance on Days 3 & 4, I was able to map out a path to success to be where I want to be in 6 months.

At the end of the Retreat, it was amazing to see the transformation of the group: each person was clear about their goals and how they plan to move forward. What I noticed most was the physical changes in each: their thought process was clearer, their voices stronger, and their postures showed confidence. It was gratifying to see the shifts and enlightenment in such a short period of time.

I left feeling lighter, knowing I learned ways I can support myself as I continue to make a difference in the world. Two weeks later on the path, I am confident I will be fully engaged in living my true purpose in 6 months. In fact, I am already there in my heart and mind.

Dr. Moss is an outstanding spiritual guide. My soul is ignited! I am blessed to have had the opportunity to attend this transformational retreat. It felt as if I was attending a luxurious retreat in the comfort and safety of my home.”

— Dr. Paulette Williams, Honolulu, Hawaii Starting coaching business


From confusion to clarity, from inertia to inspired action — I broke through to my next level of prosperity.”

“Before this Next Level Prosperity Retreat, I was clear that prosperity is possible even when current circumstances don’t seem to support that belief… I was facing challenges — to juggle daily expenses, pay off debt, and plan actions to further my career and business — all the while watching my thoughts loop around in endless circles without much clarity of action or creative options to pursue.

During the Retreat, there was a definite shift in my thought process from revisiting what IS not working in the present moment – to developing a very clear vision of my desired outcome that looked, sounded, tasted (yes!), smelled (oh yes!) and felt real enough to step into.  (My ‘Letter from the Future’).

When that seemed so real, it was so much easier and more accessible to get specific with progressive action steps (I day, 1 week, 1 month from now, etc.) that have moved me towards my vision.

What surprised me was the vision board I created during Day 2. I’d created a vision board 10 months earlier with concrete visual representations, many of which came to fruition. What was lacking was an overall holistic expression of growth and fulfillment. It felt fragmented… and so did I.

Pamela’s process led us through a seamless progression from recurring themes in our writing to the selection and placing of our images. I ended up with a profoundly different board which continues to surprise, delight, and inform me.

Pamela is gifted at guiding the journey from confusion to clarity, from inertia to inspired action. She is very present, caring, and so visibly interested and supportive of every individual, that I saw myself as an interesting, capable, and empowered manifester in a group of individuals — each one a powerful, capable, and fascinating accomplisher in their own right.

If anything stands out, it is my dawning clarity as to what I DON’T need to do or be. I no longer cast about, comparing myself to others and coming up short… I feel comfortable in allowing myself to enjoy self-discovery, to pay attention to serendipitous and synchronistic events, and to heed messages from the Universe. I have broken through to the next level of prosperity and am ready to step into it.”

— Jennifer Holton


“You will transform at a cellular level —
taking action with velocity, your energy soaring, happiness bubbling, and inner peace abounding.”

“I was dealing with multiple challenges prior to the Retreat. I experienced excessive wheel-spinning and worrying, and felt stuck, frustrated, bitter, and dis-regulated. But from the moment I enrolled, I began to feel positive energy.

At the outset of the Retreat, Pamela invoked the Four Directions in a deeply moving way. This set us up to be very grounded and centered throughout the Retreat and provided an energy foundation for the work. This and other shamanic processes were some of my favourite parts of the Retreat, along with Pamela’s Vision Board process. And the Retreat schedule (two half days, a weekend break, then two more half days) was very manageable and effective.

During the Retreat my energy, focus and clarity exponentially improved, and this continues post-Retreat. With my renewed energy and clarity I’ve been able to strategically navigate  opportunities, set boundaries with ease, and be much less reactive. And I completed measurable small projects in my household de-cluttering project! I am feeling energized and happy and communications with family members are smooth and joyful again.

The thing I like most about working with Pamela is she skillfully takes us through a variety of processes that are unique, allow for in-depth work, and access different learning styles and modalities. And she’s gifted at holding the space in a genuine, professional, effective, and light-hearted way.

Pamela is expert at structuring Retreats and workshops in a seamless, effective way that leads us to access our own inner guidance, with heart-centered and intuitive processes. This helped me do a deep dive into my own knowing and retrieve aspects of my soul that had split off… This was very powerful.

Pamela makes me feel deeply listened to and honored for my abilities and skills. This allows me to make leaps in my confidence and effectiveness, and ensures I consistently come from this place of inner knowing.

This Next Level Prosperity Retreat is a powerful, unique, transformational experience that moves coaches, healers, and teachers forward in their lives and businesses by helping them trust their own guidance. It’s a gift and an opportunity to learn, grow, transform, build inner clarity and resources, and effectively move your healing work forward in the world.

If you are thinking about doing the Next Level Prosperity Retreat, know that you will not be the same afterwards as you will transform at a cellular level. You will notice the velocity in taking actions in your life, find your energy soaring, your happiness level bubbling, and inner peace abounding. Plus you will come away with your Vision Board and other great tools for remaining clear and continuing this journey with trusted guidance, so you will experience great prosperity on your journey in life and your work in the world.

—Michele Brown, Artist, Life Coach, Interventionist
Fraser Valley Integrative