Lightworkers, Healers, Coaches, Activists and Therapists!

Join us for a ground-breaking Call to Heal Racial Wounds!

In this powerful LIVE conversation, you will:

Explore what is “yours to do” in response to heightened racial tensions, and how you can become an even greater conduit for love and light in the world

* Receive truth and wisdom from two extraordinary lightworkers, and experience the joy of holding space for what has not been heard

Discover how we can consciously cultivate a spiritual support network that will help eradicate the social limitations and constructs of race

Learn how we can individually & collectively shift from isolation, fear and chaos — to reconnection, love and “syntropy” (= higher harmony out of chaos)

And EXPERIENCE HEALING right on the call! 💖

It’s all happening this Tuesday June 30th at 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern/ 7pm Central Europe

Find the time in your area here.

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Featured Speaker Nikki Gomez is a first and second degree Angelic Reiki Practitioner and a highly intuitive Spiritual Counselor. She helps those who seek a deeper understanding of their current soul journey, so they can reframe their lives in a manner that allows them to heal and thrive.



Featured Speaker Nyaima Smith-Taylor is the co-founder of Art & Alchemy, an organization that provides practical techniques, services and products to uplift, inspire and deepen connection to one’s Self. As a coach and trusted spiritual advisor to Badass Women, she guides them to tap into their inner perfection so they can crush their goals and achieve their grand visions.



Moderator Elizabeth Tripp is a lifestyle design coach and spiritual teacher, whose mission is to guide you to break through old patterns and learn your soul’s lessons so that you do what you love, love what you do and live life by your design.



Host Dr. Pamela Moss is the author of the #1 International Bestseller, “The Soul Guide to a Magical Life: How to Remove Your Blocks to Your Greatest Calling.” Pamela helps coaches, healers and therapists around the world remove your blocks to doing, having, earning, and being all you are here for.