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1:1 Divine Biz Clarity &Transformation VIP Retreats, where your individual needs are attended to in a deeply personalized way, using Dr. Pamela’s Soul Alignment System for Guaranteed Transformation as her well her highly developed Soul Guide intuition and practical business tools. Available in person or online.

1:1 Sales, Soul & Success Mentorship, where we meet in 1:1 sessions over a period of time that is suitable to your goals and needs. Mentorship is a deep–dive customized experience of upleveling your business and income (and often your intimate relationships as well).  Your transformational Mentorship program is designed uniquely for you, so I can efficiently guide you to the results you desire.

Vision-Powered Planning Retreats for Organizations, Boards and Businesses where together we dive into the possibilities, the higher perspectives, the relationships and roles, and the nitty-gritty details — in order to clarify your big Vision, and its practical expression in goals and action steps, with a clear plan for success. Available in person at your location or via Zoom video conference.

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are…

  • healers
  • coaches
  • therapists
  • visionaries
  • consultants
  • messengers
  • spiritual teachers
  • holistic practitioners
Dr. Pamela Moss, Your Soul Guide

Get deep clarity, remove your blocks to success, and stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Gain confidence, charisma and respect. Uplevel your finances and fun… and fulfill your purpose and highest calling! My mission is to “Light up the Lights, Heal the Healers, and Serve the Servants.”

“After an incredibly difficult year and months of no sales, I’m surfing a wave of positive energy… and I just closed $45,000 in new business!”

Judy BEFORE we worked together:
“After an incredibly difficult year, my business was an unending source of shame and frustration for me… A string of contractors left me in the lurch, and I hadn’t been able to make a sale in many months.”
[We worked together for couple weeks, culminating in a half-day Divine Biz Clarity & Transformation VIP Retreat.]
Judy right AFTER
“I just closed a $15,000 sale! Paid in full. And I have such clarity about my business and my boundaries now… I’m surfing a wave of positive energy and optimism. My [losing streak] is truly gone.”
2 weeks later: “Just wanted you to know I closed $30,000 MORE business today. I’d do a happy dance, but I’m driving! “

Judy Bradt, CEO, Summit Insight

“My business has grown by leaps and bounds! I am now self sustaining.”

“My 1:1 Healing & Transformation VIP Retreat Day with Pamela was so wonderful that I signed up for her Mentorship Program. Her capacity to hold me energetically and to be a strong container for me was beyond amazing!

In 3 months of Mentorship, my business went from only having a couple of clients to having many clients, repeat clients, a completely different structure for my business — and repeating profitable months to the point where I am completely self-sustaining. It feels SO good!

I now have the ability to find the answers from within, and have so much self-love for the first time in my life. Pamela has also helped me to tap into my creative, fun side and now I’m actually enjoying life instead of being so serious.

Working with Pamela has made me feel so empowered and powerful! If you’re considering working with her, definitely listen to that intuitive part of you, and don’t let your fear take over… Even if your mind doesn’t know how to make it happen, if you work with her I can guarantee you will find a way.

– Shelbi DuBord, Trauma Coach | Inner Light Healing LLC |

“I took my coaching business to a whole new level! I raised my rates 80% and am finding plenty of clients who are happy to pay.”

RaviBefore I worked privately with Pamela, I knew the quality of my service was very high, but her expertise showed me how to maximize the use of my time and efforts to attract the clients who are able to recognize my value and able to compensate me for it. Pamela helped me see the gift that comes through my work, and get past my limiting thoughts. This was priceless!  I raised my rates 80% and am finding plenty of clients who are happy to pay.

And my colleagues tell me “You’re Ravi 2.0 now” – I dress more professionally and radiate confidence and clarity. Pamela’s tools and approach carried me to where I am today: charging and getting a great fee for a great service!

In our work together, Pamela didn’t let me off the hook; and why would she, she believed in me 110%. She was very clear how my experience and expertise measured up, which allowed me to take my leap.

This balance of understanding both the practical and spiritual components of my work made working with Pamela true blessing.  Pamela also helped me create a leveraged business plan that is flexible yet supportive of my long term goals. And she masterfully crafted the approach to put the plan into action and get measurable results.

Because of this, I’ve greatly increased the clarity and range of my offerings — I now offer 12 week, 24 week, and year-long private coaching programs, as well as group teleclass programs and live workshops. This allows me to retain my best clients and attract all the new clients I want.

I not only took my coaching business to a whole new level, I also balanced my home and business life, so that I am not working all the time. (And I got married to my soul mate!) Now I’m planning the next stage of my work, to unfold the bigger dream of who I wish to be in the world. Pamela took me to the edge of my “envelope” — and lifted me up to fly beyond it!

Pamela is passionate about helping people discover the Vision within you and bring that out into the world. Her work is for people who are ready to stop complaining and start creating. So if you’re considering working with Pamela, I say: Buckle your seat belt, because Kansas is going bye-bye! Pamela is absolutely committed to her clients and your investment in her skills will open you to more potential than you dreamed was inside. AND she is going to walk with you into living that potential! Who could ask for more!

– Ravindra Walsh, Spiritual Life Coach |

“I immediately saw the results in the clients I began to attract – the healing was deep and profound.”

I want to share my deep gratitude for the work we did at my Divine Business Breakthrough VIP Retreat. I was feeling stuck in my business and personal life, and the Retreat was perfect for transforming the energy around my limiting beliefs and planning my next steps.

I left deeply inspired because I came to a better understanding of my true nature and my divine purpose. These feelings lasted for days and inspired more shifts.

I immediately saw the results in the clients I began to attract and in interactions with others in my life. The 2 follow up sessions brought me even more success, excitement and momentum! I have renewed passion and purpose in my days.

Thank you!  You are an angel and I am so glad that I took the risk of doing this work with you. The healing was deep and profound. I really look forward to seeing what other magic we will create together!

– Cari Ciccarelli, M.S. | R.M.T.

“Cut through the haze and birthed my soul mission biz in 1 DAY!  My whole world changed. Exhilarating!”

“My Divine Business Breakthrough VIP Retreat was HUGE for me. I hadn’t been able to put what I have to give into words, and now it’s so clear — you nailed it! And showed me how to turn my mission into a business… It’s been a really exciting journey and I’ll be forever grateful!”

– Fay Bunnell, R.N., M.S. | Dementia Reverser | Uncover the Joy in Eldercare

“My income is increasing, decades of writer’s block disappeared, I have more time and energy —  I’ve been freed to meet my highest potential!”

Before I did my Divine Business Breakthrough VIP Retreat with Pamela, I knew I was holding myself back somehow — I was worried, not earning as much as I wanted, and people seemed to take advantage of me. I doubted I could claim my worth.

My Retreat changed all that. In one day of intense one-on-one work, Pamela helped me define crystal clear goals, kept me focused, and provided personalized tools and assignments that helped me achieve my goals. Now I honor my worth. I feel empowered and more present, and am setting very clear boundariesIt’s all very liberating!

And as a result, just 9 days after my Retreat:

  • My income is increasing — people who’ve owed me money are paying, and new clients are coming in!
  • Decades of writers’ block disappeared in minutes at my Retreat. I started writing right afterward, and the flow hasn’t stopped!
  • I’ve stopped procrastinating. I have ideas about where to go with my business, and I am taking steps right now, without hesitation.
  • I’m dropping unproductive activities I’ve done for years. I have more time and energy!

I did my Divine Business Breakthrough VIP Retreat in person with Pamela. She choose an exquisite place in nature and provided delicious food to honor what I’d discover about myself. I feel that traveling to the destination, and the sacred space she provided, ignited the great change that followed.

My Retreat freed me to meet my highest potential. And that energy has stayed with me and even strengthened after my Retreat, because Pamela initiated my own ability to generate beauty, self awareness, and power.

Pamela gave her precious attention to me the whole day and was very empathic and full of compassion, which created a safe environment to open my heart and meet my heart’s needs. (She reminds me of the Empress in my medieval Tarot deck…) She also joyfully shared my new discoveries and celebrated my unfolding path with “Hurrays!” and a warm hug. This very inviting and relaxed atmosphere made the hours of intense work enjoyable and productive.

I believe what is unique about Pamela’s soul guidance work is that it’s very structured and goal-oriented AND spontaneous, playful, and from the heart. I like how she drills down to find the precise tools and assignments I need to achieve whatever I wish for. Her magical tools and warm, gentle energy encouraged me to step into my own divinity!

I feel truly grateful for my Retreat and the day Pamela and I spent working together. If you are ready for change and need a push like I did, there is no way that working with Pamela can disappoint you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Suzana, Healing Arts Practitioner

“I clarified my mission and purpose,  let go of limiting thinking — and went from stuck, exhausted and sad, to energized, excited and renewed!”

Before working privately with Pamela, I was exhausted, stuck, sad and unwell. I felt I needed to work with somebody in a close way to really drill down and figure out what works in my business and what my passion is, and bring that to life. I knew there was a “next level” I wanted to attain in my work, but was unsure how to get there. I needed to invest in the kind of support Pamela offers to find my unique direction and voice.

My Divine Business Breakthrough VIP Retreat was my very favorite part of working with Pamela — she created safe space (as soon as you walk in, you feel the shift in energy) and provided gentleness and delicious healthy food, so I could go way inside where I don’t usually go and call on Spirit, use my body, think more deeply, allow feelings to come up — it was surprisingly powerful and very freeing. I stepped outside of myself to see how I’ve been restricting and limiting myself.

Then the alignments [transformation process] at my Retreat were wonderful!  The process feels intuitive, creative, very integrating and aligning – definitely brings mind, body & spirit together. A super powerful transformation for me has been the lasting sense of inner peace, confidence and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Pamela also provided practical, logical business support, and I expanded my vision beyond traditional ways of delivering services and information. Very liberating!  That day I literally moved from stagnation to steady progress.

Before my Retreat, I was burned out in my private practice and struggling to get clients.  A month after we finished the 6th follow-up session, my private practice is full and I’m really enjoying the work! And I no longer overwork or feel exhausted — I eat better and get rest when I need to.  Something fundamental changed…  From sad and stuck I now feel very satisfied with my life and my direction: what I’m doing is fulfilling, it’s sustaining me financially, and it’s created a springboard to the next level that’s really important. My Retreat initiated movement that allowed all the other things to fall into place.

That happened because I made an investment, and since then I’ve invested in other services that help my business -– I used to NOT spend money — and all have propelled me forward. I know enough to find people who are experts and can help me in very powerful way.

What I needed from Pamela, and what she does so well, is soul-level work. She’s gifted at facilitating the process – not in front as a teacher, or behind as pusher, but alongside me as a partner — so we can do deep, juicy work and cause transformation. That’s what I mean when I say she’s my soul guide. If that’s what you want, you’re going to be very happy working with her.

Working with Pamela allowed me to recreate my life. If I hadn’t worked with her, I’d still be stuck. Thank you, Soul Guide, for everything you’ve done to help me get clear and get moving!  Sending you lots of love!

— Lisa A. Kendall, LCSW-R, CSW-G |

“Now I can own my work, speak about it articulately, and magnetize new clients to me!  HUGE block broken up.”

“Less than 30 days after my session — where we worked on my subconscious blocks to uncover and step into my calling — I have been able to own my work, speak to it, magnetize new contacts and articulate my results to these interested people.  And I just had 5 discovery calls in 24 hours!   I have never before been able to speak so articulately and straight to the person’s pain point, in a way that felt authentic and in integrity.

In my session with Pamela I revealed that I am ‘a coach for coaches’ (though I had been consciously saying “no” to this, because it was so big I hardly dared say it…).  I am a coach to women who have a big calling but haven’t yet been able to see the vision for themselves, because they are still seeking the answer out there somewhere. They find themselves unfulfilled after having tried everything, and they are secretly seeking a spiritual answer to what ails them.

Pamela helped me to integrate into my subconscious mind, “I know what I do, I know what I provide, and I naturally magnetize visionaries to work with me.” And BAM!  I finally have been able to open my mouth and speak to what I do. HUGE block broken up.”

— Chloë Rain | Seattle, WA |

“Now I have 6 multi-millionaire investors likely to speak with me!  I’ve worked with some of the world’s best coaches — Jean Houston, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson —  and Pamela surpasses most.”

My dream: Devise original mathematical strategies to double stock returns 1-3 times a year; trade for high net worth individuals, split the profits, and give the majority of my share to philanthropy to reduce suffering and bring healing to the world.

My work on this project felt halting and unsure; for months before my VIP Retreat with Pamela I had virtually NO results. I was discouraged.

Before I came to my Retreat, I followed Pamela’s videos and made a vision board for my goal; it gets me focused, feeling good, and ready to begin work in form. It’s much more powerful than my previous one, which was about what I wanted. This vision board is about who I need to BE to get what I want.

My VIP Retreat with Pamela took away much woundedness so that I can become truly vibrantly healthy.  I used to not accept myself or my past or present. Consequently I was not very present, or free, or receivable by others. How could I have lived like that?  Now I am on a path to recognition, surrender and reconciliation.

I have high standards, so it means something when I say that Pamela is extremely talented, extremely present, and extremely devoted to realizing my desired outcomes. For my taste she is a little too ready to refer to what I see as the occult and to use processes driven by chance… but they provided important results. She has an incredible sensitivity to put belief statements in the language that spoke to me, and a rare combination of warmth and encouragement with tough love where needed to evolve me to higher success.

Pamela is inspiring and inspired; she has a very, very beautiful spirit.

So many seminars promise much but before long fade out of my thoughts and practices. My Retreat with Pamela was different.

The benefits stayed with me afterwards, even in VERY difficult circumstances:

  • When my ‘experiments’ challenged my central theory and software, instead of panicking or getting depressed, I used Pamela’s methods to get calm almost right away and simply wait before contacting the software author, relaxing and enjoying things in the interim.
  • My platform was having more and more frequent crashes, requiring a very long call with tech support. Before my Retreat, these crashes and tech calls were very stressful for me. During this call I was over 90% calm and noticed just how much energy I had needlessly used up, how much tension and tiredness I could have avoided in similar calls over the years. This time I had energy left over to read up on the new update (which I used to avoid).
  • For 3 years I dreaded the possibility that my platform (and all my work!) would need complete rebuilding. After my Retreat it finally it happened. I was able to calmly accept that I needed to rebuild all my charts and other features, and I completely rebuilt my work of years over 10 days.
  • The prospect of getting a fiscal sponsor for my project had been daunting… Now I have at least 6 multi-millionaire/billionaires ready to speak with me!  My work with Pamela kept me moving forward despite the “daunts”… This wonderful outcome manifested from ‘chance’ events after getting aligned with my life’s work, a major focus of my Retreat.

Pamela, thank you a google and a plex!

– Ronald Meyer, Mathematical Stock System Designer | Future Philanthropist | Classical Pianist

“Pamela turned my failing launch around — from only 2 people in my program (panic!) to 13 (fantastic!)”

KarrynHeadshotDue to family emergencies, I was behind on the launch for my program, so my list was small for my introductory webinar — only 77 people. After my webinar, there was a resounding silence —  only 2 Discovery Sessions came in. Panic, overwhelm, disillusioned!

I reached out to Pamela Moss, a local friend who is a great coach (I’d worked with her a month before on getting unstuck re: biz patterns). Turns out NOT ONLY is she super gifted with energy and vision work, BUT she also totally had the biz chops.

Pamela reassured me that I could still make my program work, that 70% of sign ups for the Discovery Session come after the webinar due to great follow up emails. (Something I hadn’t learned in other trainings!) I totally dove in with her and paid her to coach me for five days. She helped me write awesome content that not only got me more Discovery Sessions, but also got me way more clear about the value of my programs, so my Discovery Sessions were way more powerful.  I started the program with 13 women!  The first call of the program was fantastic.

This was also a wise long-term investment, because I have way more confidence about what I will do differently next time. Pamela Moss is a great resource if you need a soul guide for your biz with both feet in the real world of business.

– Karryn Olsen-Ramanujen, Coach

“A year later I’m still realizing the benefits!”

At my Divine Business Breakthrough VIP Retreat I was able to overcome hidden barriers to my success, clarify my unique system and offerings, and finally step fully into my power.

A year later I’m still realizing the benefits, as my signature program, SPIRIT: a Plan for Miracles℠ goes international!

Pamela’s soul guidance helped me discover this beautiful program inside me and bring it forth to the world.

Thank you again, Pamela.   Update: I have an intern/apprentice now, she came on board last night for this program. This living life full out (and full value) is so much more fun!

– Susan Norton | Shamanic Services by Susan |

Those 3 hours changed my life. There’s been LASTING shift! I’ve got my new business and now nothing is holding me back!

I must say that the 3 hours of my half-day online Divine Business Breakthrough VIP Retreat with Dr. Pamela changed my life.  I highly recommend her as your Soul Guide!

I reached out to Pamela when I was at a point where I knew I had many thoughts that were holding me back, financially and personally. I needed the guidance, support and expertise Pamela has to get clear about my business direction, make shifts in my conscious awareness, and clear and replace those subconscious thoughts.

I took a financial risk to do this, yet it felt so right; and YES it was a valuable experience. Pamela is very clear in her diagnostic assessment, and works deeply and respectfully in a process that is sensory, metaphysical, and comes from spirit.

Now [6 weeks later] there has been LASTING shift in my being! I feel free of many blocks and limiting thoughts. I feel lighter in who I am, strong and energetic and focused. Nothing is holding me back!

I have taken many inspired actions, from starting to teach English in the library here, to building a website for my new online business — something I never thought I could do! (Connected to a tech person who worked for Microsoft and is doing the REAL WORK in trade for art classes!) And I got a show of my huge pieces in a new modern gallery in January!  Even got a great price for framing them. The Divine Muse!

And I am writing like crazy!!!  I am formulating my “Creative Growth Workshop” program, got who my market is, and am framing my new website for them.

Energy is moving!   Thank you again Pamela for your work with me to create this big shift! A big hug, Nina

– Nina Wisniewski, Art Professional | San Miguel de Allende Centro, Guanajuato, Mexico

“I dropped my fears and got the greatest gift: the Teacher inside me!  Continues to have a profoundly positive impact”

Ethan right after the work

Before working privately with Pamela, I had fears that were preventing me from opening up my heart in all areas of my life. Many of these fears were irrational and completely imaginary — yet they still made me feel stressed and hopeless and caused me to  procrastinate, sabotage relationships, lose professional opportunities, and not take care of myself.

Just 2 sessions with Pamela allowed me to stop acting out on self-destructive habits, and create a daily lifestyle that supports me to open my heart to myself, others, and all of my life. Pamela’s work has also helped me trust the power that is within me.

With this new-found trust in my power, I’ve had more confidence in advertising my business and speaking to clients about the benefit of the work I do, and as a result, my finances are improving. Now I have developed a sense of inner knowing and confidence that is carrying me through any fears that might come up. But the biggest gift I received from our work was re-connecting with my heart space. Being connected to this space affects every aspect of my life and has improved my decision making and given me power and energy.

Ethan,  2 years later

Working with Pamela was like talking to a coach, friend, mentor, healer, and professional adviser all at once. I really enjoyed the homework that she gave me, as well as the ability to contact her via email when necessary. She is gifted at listening and helping me create my own empowering ideas, so that I feel like my teacher is always inside me. She makes me feel at ease and confident; her enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious. Pamela is expert at providing a safe and supportive space where transformation can take place, which allows my own innate wisdom to come to the surface. She enabled me to lead a more confident and clear life.

If you are considering working with Pamela, she will listen genuinely to your desires and help you find simple and powerful ways to release unconscious blocks that are unnecessarily taking away energy from pursuing your dreams. It works!

Pamela, you have given me the greatest gift — the teacher inside me — and I will be forever grateful!

– Ethan Sisser, Internal Alchemist | SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapist & Instructor | Maui, Hawaii |

“You are seriously authentic!  You do EVERYTHING you say you can do.”

Before working with you, I’d gained a huge amount of success and then lost it all — and was experiencing low energy because of high levels of fear.

In our work there was not one moment where I doubted that you knew what you were doing.  After each session, I’d feel a new kind of clarity and new levels of energy in my body —  old arguments in myself were being cleared away. I knew absolutely that parts of me were being healed.

Now I’m a long way from where I was 4 sessions ago: my obstacles are gone; I feel a lot more confidence and new freedom; and there’s a tremendous amount of light coming in, a direct transmission. The result is my mind is really, really clear and really, really calm and my emotions are incredibly clear.

What people should know about you is that you are seriously authentic. If they have issues that they’re clear about, you WILL clear those issues for them.  You do what you say you can do.  If someone asked me, “is Pamela legitimate?” I’d say “yes, absolutely.” There’s too many people out there who say they can do something and they don’t. Or maybe they do it to a degree… but EVERYTHING I anticipated I would gain from you, I received.

You are uplifting the people who are in need of what you are.  And all of us [light workers] are together uplifting humanity!

– Walter Hurd, Spiritual Guide

“I went from stuck to 3 agents looking at my book!”

When I started working privately with Pamela I’d written a book [memoir about abusive childhood], but I was second-guessing myself and worried what people would think, and very scared to put it out there. For example, I’d been stuck writing my book agent query letter for 2 months, and if I hadn’t worked with Pamela I’d still be stuck! I got the query letter done in 1 day after Pamela’s Accelerated Change session.

Now I have a different sense of my self: I’ve become clearer and more self-confident, and everything seems smoother and easier — instead of being wishy-washy about decisions, now I’m like, “¡@!¡#√Ω!! I’m just doing it!”

Pamela’s work also helped me triumph over the whole ordeal of my childhood. I jumped leaps and bounds, over huge mountainous hurdles, to feel like I do now: strong and wonderful, and so victorious over the whole mess I was in!  I feel at peace.

And so many good things are happening, like my high school sweetheart and his family came back into my life — it’s been more than 30 years, and we just picked up where we left off. It’s amazing. You really can change the whole way you feel and think, which clears your path. I’d never heard of anything like this — and the whole process actually worked. Woohoo!

And now, 6 weeks after our last session, I have three agents looking at my book. Very exciting!!! I am on my way to creating all that I dreamed; there’s nothing to hold me back.

– Karla Kelly, Author of Secrets & Denial | Setting Myself Free

“I moved from therapist to coach — my results are much more powerful, my clients are thrilled, and I increased my client base by 33%!”

Pamela is an extraordinary coach!  She makes you feel validated, cared about and listened to and also inspires you to be more and do more! She is extremely intuitive and has the ability to zero in on things that surprised me. She also helped me to trust and develop my own intuitive abilities.

Pamela helped me to clarify my mission as a therapist and coach who helps people to live their lives with more joy, ease and freedom. She helped me zero in on my signature message of Living Your Magnificence which led to creating e-books and workshops.

Pamela readily shared from her fountain of wisdom and led me to many wonderful low cost or no cost resources. She will share anything she knows including many creative ways to get yourself out there and helps you to find online events that you can be part of.

Pamela goes beyond just helping you set up processes and systems (which she does beautifully). She also has powerful techniques to help you to overcome subconscious blocks that are holding you back in your business, relationships and life.

Although I developed some health problems during the time I worked privately with Pamela, I increased my client base by 33% and gave a well-received keynote address at a Women’s conference that she helped me develop. I am now using the tools she gave me to create more workshops and e-books.

Pamela is a coach’s coach and her coaching technique inspired me to eventually become a coach rather than a therapist. I have found that my results with my clients are much more powerful than before I worked with Pamela. My clients are thrilled with the steps they have taken!

If you work with Pamela, expect to be challenged, surprised, motivated, inspired, in touch, productive and engaged. Pamela is most definitely top of the line, and I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants a top notch coach who will help you clarify your mission, your goals and your future, and inspire you to create inspired products and workshops that reflect your mission.

Thank you Pamela for all you give and all you are.

– Brenda Strausz | Creative Psychotherapist and Coach | Helping you to Live Your Magnificence using EFT, Law of Attraction & Hypnotherapy

Vision-Powered Planning Retreats
Success Stories

“I got clarity I didn’t even expect!”

The visioning work I did with Pamela was very powerful for me: I discovered the purpose of my business, ways in which I would need to grow for it to be successful, and I even got a tagline!

I’ve made vision boards in the past, but I see now they were about what I thought I “should” want. The vision board I made with Pamela is amazingly different — and so much more inspiring! I love it, and look at it several times a day to remind me of my strength and purpose.

I got clarity I didn’t even expect, and answers I wasn’t even looking for — because Pamela’s process took me out of my head and into a much truer knowing. Now I can take a clearer, stronger stand for who I am and to go forward with greater clarity, confidence and a sense of purpose.

— Daphne Cohn, CEO |

I see for myself the huge changes applying this has made in my life and business over the past 6 months!”

I learned these three powerful techniques  from you 3 years ago, but in the past 6 months I’ve been using them daily. I now have so much more clarity, groundedness and ability to make decisions from a clear place — I really know that I’m doing what is in my best interest. And my ability to listen to and perceive my guidance is increasing!

I highly recommend people take you up on your offer of Clarity Consult Sessions and working with you. I see for myself the huge changes applying these tools has made in my life and my ability to give my gifts through my business. Thank you SO much!

Natalie Hill, Coach