She couldn’t stop it

Can you relate to this true story?  If you prefer to listen, click here Suzana knew she was holding herself back somehow. Although she’s a gifted holistic practitioner who really helps people, she was worried: clients seemed to take advantage of her kindness, so she was not earning as much as she should (and wanted). … Continue reading She couldn’t stop it

She hid it in the closet

“Where’s your vision board?” I asked Jane.    The party swirled around us as we sat sipping wine on her living room couch. She’d been telling me how much she’d enjoyed my vision board workshop . . .   Yet now Jane couldn’t meet my eyes. She dropped her party smile.   “Uh, I put it in the … Continue reading She hid it in the closet

Transmuting Fear into Light

This is a powerful process you can model to permanently dissolve your fear into Light, and also remove some collective fear from the world. It doesn’t matter what your fear is about, nor how real it seems — fear is fear, and you can transmute it into light. This is one example of how to … Continue reading Transmuting Fear into Light

Your Inner Critic is NOT your enemy

You know that mean inner voice that says, “You SHOULD BE …”, “You SHOULDN’T have …” and “What is WRONG with you?!” in such a harsh and judgemental way? Yup, our Inner Critic gets really nasty when we’re not living up to its high standards. It often seems like our worst enemy: keeps us up … Continue reading Your Inner Critic is NOT your enemy

Just Revealed (to me anyway): How to Get Unstuck and Find Your Mojo again

It was the strangest thing… At  the Sassy Mastermind Retreat in San Diego recently, I was featured in a  success panel, had my “Possibility Portraits” displayed to acclaim, was  privately thanked for my contributions, reconnected with loving friends, AND had our mentor, Lisa Sasevich, generously promote me (I’m painting her family’s Possibility Portrait). You’d think … Continue reading Just Revealed (to me anyway): How to Get Unstuck and Find Your Mojo again