Are you feeling stuck? 

If you are struggling or blocked in any area of your life — business, relationship/love, job, health, creativity, money, personal challenges or fears — I CAN HELP YOU experience the breakthrough you’ve been longing for.

You see, you get stuck when you can only see things from one perspective: your own. That limited perspective keeps you spinning in place, like a hamster on a wheel.

In your Breakthrough Session you’ll break through your limited perspective — discovering true clarity and removing deep resistance, so you can create the results you desire.

What does that look like? It depends on what your challenge is. Here, for example, is a money breakthrough session:

“Amazing and very powerful! I haven’t felt this way in a long time”

DrilonaSiteThank you so much for everything!!! The Breakthrough Session was amazing and very powerful.

I feel so light and great, I haven’t felt this way for a long time!  I can’t wait to do the rest of the Transform Your Money Story program.

Have a beautiful rest of the week. You are such a blessing in my life and I am so glad the Universe put you on my path.

Love and blessings,

Ilona Berkoben MD

And here’s what happened in a stressful situation breakthrough:

“My friends marvel at my shift!  I feel like myself again for the first time in months”

I booked my Breakthrough Session with a sense of urgency and desperation.  I’d been struggling with a stressful situation at work for months, which caused me a lot of frustration and anxiety. I felt overwhelmingly discouraged. . . I’d tried psychotherapy for it, and my strong spiritual practice, but I was still stuck!

Dr. Pamela has a gift for pointing out where resistance exists and how to move through it. She immediately reduced my mental chatter so I could actually hear my inner guidance again. I literally experienced its presence and got very clear directions (some quite humorous!) on how to shift the situation. I left feeling like myself again for the first time in months!

Two weeks later, as a direct result — but without my having to ‘do’ anything — my work situation has dramatically improved: I got a raise, and the challenging issue I was dealing with has greatly lessened!  My friends marvel at my shift, and I’ve encouraged them to contact Dr. Pamela.”

— Rukmini, New York

In your Breakthrough Session, we will tap into wisdom that lies outside the limitations of your ordinary awareness:

  • the wisdom of your body and emotions (a.k.a. your subconscious mind)
  • the wisdom of your inner guidance (a.k.a. your super-conscious mind)
  • the wisdom that comes through my intuition (a.k.a. the higher perspective)

Doing this provides immediate clarity and relief!


“SO valuable in bringing me the business vision I was looking for!”

The Breakthrough Session was SO valuable in bringing me the business vision I was looking for, just too close to see. I am now able to move forward with my new service to small businesses owners.

Before talking to you I was all over the map with what I “could” offer. I have so many skills and so much knowledge from my years as an independent business owner consulting to Fortune 100s, I was flummoxed, stopped,  not sure what to offer or how to deliver my services in a way that would satisfy my personal values.

That all changed during our session. You got me back to Heart, back to what I would love to do. You helped me clarify what would serve my clients, be the most fun for me, and produce a lucrative income.

Pamela, I appreciate your listening skills. I needed that! Your listening, combined with your own innate wisdom, has helped me to clarify and even grow what is possible. Thank you!

— Shauna E. VanderHoek,  Florida | Consultant, Your Business On Cruise


I guarantee you will have a true breakthrough during your Breakthrough Session.

How can I guarantee that?? Because I’ve done hundreds of Breakthrough Sessions with people all over the world, and breakthroughs happen… Every. Single. Time.

Breakthroughs are inevitable, when you tap into the wisdom beyond your limited point of view!


“A small miracle! Got the answer to questions that have plagued me for most of my life!”

For decades I’d been berating myself, “What is wrong with me? Why am I sabotaging myself? Why can’t I figure this out?”

Well, within thirty minutes or so, Pamela was able to guide me through her process and help me discover the answer to questions that had been plaguing me for most of my life.

Even though we’d never met, I felt an immediate sense of comfort with her. I could sense her kind and giving spirit and felt completely at ease with whatever she asked me to do.

I can’t express how surprised and pleased I am with this experience. Pamela performed a small miracle, and gave me a gift that will make a true difference in my life. She is an earth angel! I just can’t thank her enough.

— Patty Fogarty, Illinois


If you’ve been blocked in your business or creative work or unclear about your message, a Breakthrough Session can cut through that sticky block like a hot knife through cold butter, releasing your true creative flow!

See examples below:

“You definitely worked your magic and delivered on your promise!”

picture-1600THANK YOU for our Breakthrough Session yesterday!!  I’m sorry I just could not stop talking because there was so much clarity! Which came in through the day and the few days before, so you definitely worked your ‘magic’ and delivered on your ‘promise’!

3 weeks later: I finished writing my first (short) book!!!

— Yessica Alaya Sillekens, The Netherlands |

“Now I can own my work, speak about it articulately, and magnetize new clients to me!  HUGE block broken up.”

ChloeLess than 30 days after my Breakthrough Session — where we worked on my subconscious blocks to uncover and step into my calling — I have been able to own my work, speak to it, magnetize new contacts and articulate my results to these interested people.  And I just had 5 discovery calls in 24 hours!   I have never before been able to speak so articulately and straight to the person’s pain point, in a way that felt authentic and in integrity.

In my session with Pamela I revealed that I am ‘a coach for coaches’ (though I had been consciously saying “no” to this, because it was so big I hardly dared say it…).  I am a coach to women who have a big calling but haven’t yet been able to see the vision for themselves, because they are still seeking the answer out there somewhere. They find themselves unfulfilled after having tried everything, and they are secretly seeking a spiritual answer to what ails them.

Pamela helped me to integrate into my subconscious mind, “I know what I do, I know what I provide, and I naturally magnetize visionaries to work with me.” And BAM!  I finally have been able to open my mouth and speak to what I do. HUGE block broken up.

— Chloë Rain |

Are you ready for a true breakthrough? 

Book a Breakthrough Session with me now:

You can experience a breakthrough in ANY area of your life.

For example, here’s a money breakthrough:

“You are the bomb! My Breakthrough Session made a HUGE difference”

You are the bomb! After my awesome breakthrough with you, I was invited out of the blue to be a connector — connecting people with projects to be funded to a $900 billion dollar funding source. About 12 projects from my sources went in, one of which is $9 billion.

The commission on almost any of these will leave me never concerned with money again. Many thanks for your stellar session. It made a HUGE difference.

— Lorelei Fenton |

And here’s a fear breakthrough:

“Cured my long-time fear of flying! I never thought it possible”

coowe_walkerI was afraid of flying for as long as I could remember. Not completely disabled, but definitely full of fear that would build weeks ahead of a trip. I’d have stomach aches,  anxiety, make ‘deals’ with myself to make myself to go… I figured I just had to bear with my fears; I’m really a self-sufficient person. 

But this session with Pamela cured me!  I never would’ve thought it possible. With her gentle guidance, I explored the roots of my fears and learned how to lay them to rest. I’m a pretty private person and I was surprised at how comfortable Pamela made me feel working through these personal feelings.

After the session, I literally had a plane to catch — and guess what?  Using my new understanding of how to communicate with my inner self that Pamela taught me, my fears were GONE. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to fly several more times. The fear really is gone! My work colleagues are amazed. I’m now comfortable planning and leading meetings abroad, as well as family vacations, knowing that I won’t have to deal with the stress of my fear. I’m free to fly now, in every way!

–– Coowe Walker, Wetlands Ecologist | Alaska


Truly, no matter how deeply stuck you may be now, you will experience new clarity and freedom, both during and after your Breakthrough Session with me. I promise!

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Or maybe you want to see more testimonials …

“My stress has disappeared. I’m AMAZED!”

Lisa-Fernandez-244x300“I had all kinds of energy for hours after the session, even though I was tired before the call. Now I think about what I need to do without feeling stressed – which is HUGE! I’m confident I can do it well. I feel more peaceful and calmer, happy and buoyant inside. My stress has disappeared. I’m AMAZED!

— Lisa Fernandez | Jazz Musician, Compost Theater Actress, and Lover of Life

“Decades of writers’ block disappeared in minutes!”

suzana_jelovecki-297x300Decades of writers’ block disappeared in minutes . . . I started writing right afterward, and the flow hasn’t stopped!

Now I have a newspaper column and a blog. Thank you so much!

— Suzana J., Zagreb Croatia

“I let go of ‘staying small’ – and Target called out of the blue to offer corporate sponsorship!”

Laura VannahI was at my wits end. I knew I was more than ready to step up, had an ‘inkling’ of what I have to offer, and yet was at a loss as to how to move forward.

In my Breakthrough Session, I finally “GOT IT”! Pamela helped me see just how much value I offer and I started to claim who I am.

A month later, I re-launched The Dynamic U, took The Native Circle national, and finally owned what I’m worth! I let go of ‘staying small’!

Now I’ve gathered a support team who are so enrolled in what I’m doing that they help me for free, and just yesterday Target Corporation’s national headquarters called ME out of the blue to offer their corporate sponsorship!

I highly recommend Pamela if you want the clarity & confidence to grow your dreams into reality!

— Laura K. Vannah | Founding Executive Director, “The Native Circle Touch The Earth Festival” and “Know You MATTER Festival” |

Are you ready to experience a true breakthrough?

“This was truly remarkable!”

jd-starmanYour ability to facilitate my discovery process was truly remarkable!  What a joy to talk with you and have you identify such clear targets to address for positive change. Your listening was so present that I was encouraged to dig deep and expose very important points that had been running in the background.  Thank you.      

— JD Starman, Powerlearn Technologies

“I just couldn’t make myself work… thank God the block has lifted!”

Sue ParkerI kept telling myself, “I’ve gotta get out of this! I’ve got to make money!” I had no shortage of work, but I just couldn’t make myself do it. I wasn’t able to respond to people who reached out to me for help; I wasn’t able to do work; I wasn’t able to do the things I needed to do — like get my taxes done on time (I had to pay a penalty last year).

With over a year of this, my finances went down the drain. I was really worried — but I didn’t know how to break through whatever was stopping me!

This one session turned all that around. Pamela helped me uncover the root of the problem: unconsciously I was punishing myself for missing a call from my mom before she died last year. Pamela helped me see that I’d been a very loving daughter who had done the absolute best I could to take care of Mom, and missing that one call wasn’t “unforgivable” as I’d thought. I was finally able to forgive myself deep down. Then I realized, “I don’t need that voice mail from Mom anymore” — I’d saved it for over a year. And I deleted it.

When I let that go, SO much unblocked in me! Now when people reach out to me for help I respond, I can work, I’m making money again, I even got my taxes done EARLY this year. So that block has lifted. It’s huge. Oh thank God, it’s lifted!”

Update 2 months later: “I’m starting a new job with an increase of $25,000!!  It came out of the blue… I wasn’t looking! It had to be from the work we did.”

— Sue Parker

“I was blown away!”

michelle-shaugerI was blown away at how amazing Pamela is, and how insightful, encouraging and helpful this session was.

— Michelle Shaugher, Regional Vice President, Primerica Financial Solutions

“From stuck and overwhelmed — to lighter, clearer, more purposeful  AND an action plan!”

Before my Breakthrough Session with Pamela I was unsure how to proceed with my business – I felt stuck, overwhelmed and unable to see how to move things forward.

During the session, Pamela guided me to uncover the true source of my confusion (which was different than I had thought). Her empowering and supportive approach allowed me to move through my limitations and tap into the insights that I needed. Now I feel lighter, have a stronger sense of purpose and clarity, and an action plan for moving forward. Thank you Pamela!

— Melody Rae Jones, Wisdom Coach |


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