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Below you will find downloadable Media Kit files including photos, a short biography and the 2018 Press Release for the book, The Soul Guide to a Magical Life.

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Biography ~ Dr. Pamela Moss (340 words)

Press Release ~ The Soul Guide to A Magical Life

Biography ~ Dr. Pamela Moss (340 words)

A former Ivy League academic and homeschooling mom, Dr. Pamela Moss joyfully expresses her true purpose as your Soul Guide. She’s the author of the international bestseller, The Soul Guide to a Magical Life: How to Remove Your Blocks to Your Greatest Calling and has 14 years experience helping people around the world do just that. Her work is also featured in the #1 mysticism bestseller, The Vision Board: Secret to an Extraordinary Life, numerous global telesummits, and sharing the stage with luminaries like John Assaraf of The Secret.

Pamela is on a mission to “Light up the Lights”​: to empower people who know they’re here to make a difference, so we can together assist the Shift and co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. She loves to help people fully access their own inner guidance — the answers are inside you! — and systematically remove their inner blocks, so they can fulfill their highest potential.

Pamela received her PhD from Cornell University, where she was awarded the prestigious A.D. White University Fellowship, received a top teaching award, and co-authored an ethics textbook that went on to three international editions. Yet she realized academia was not for her, and set out on a 20 year journey to figure out what was . . .  

She never dreamed she’d end up being a soul guide — helping people shine their light, speak their truth and live their purpose — so they can be the agents of change they’re here to be and and have a magical life. Pamela is known as a “coach’s coach” and a “healer’s healer” because she is passionate about helping gifted colleagues see the big picture in their work and get out of their own way. And she loves to train them in “guaranteed transformation” with her Soul Alignment System.

In addition to helping people, Pamela loves to dance, sing, make art, garden, and travel the world. She lives in the beautiful countryside of upstate New York with her beloved soulmate and cat.

Press Release ~ The Soul Guide to A Magical Life


Finding a Breakthrough! Dr. Pamela Moss’ Newly Released Bestseller Shares How To Remove Limiting Blocks!

Dallas, Texas, November 15, 2018 – Former Ivy League academic Dr. Pamela Moss has now released her international bestseller, The Soul Guide to a Magical Life: How to Remove Your Blocks to Your Greatest Calling, to help people find their “greatest calling.” The bestseller introduces a highly innovative three-stage method to eliminate limiting factors and create sustainable success in all areas of life. Dr. Moss is a highly coveted expert in personal transformation, and introduces her Soul Alignment System for transformation in this new book. She has helped people around the globe with her innovative methods and bona fide techniques. Her new book is intended to share her powerful tools and unique teachings with a larger demographic.

The Soul Guide to a Magical Life is a breakthrough book that can help readers unlock their full potential, rise above challenges and find their true purpose and meaning in life. Dividing her unique message into four stages in the book, Dr. Moss gives her readers a comprehensive and easy-to-follow manual for progress. Helping readers recognize their calling during the first stage, she provides developmental exercises and transformative tools in the next stages. Her tools help readers apply the book’s teachings to real life scenarios and find tangible solutions to their blocks. For people who might be changing careers, wanting to take their work and life to the next level, or just looking for their true passion in life, Dr. Moss can become their guide through this book and help them find their “divine mission.”

Dr. Pamela Moss is a coveted author, a former Ivy League academic and a “Soul Guide” who helps people live their purpose. Not only does she help people around the world, she is also proactive about helping other professionals in her field. She regularly collaborates with coaches, healers, therapists, creatives and visionaries to create inventive projects. Calling them “light workers,” Dr. Moss is passionate about her mission to “light up the lights.” Her unique purpose in life is to help people start a transformative journey and accomplish new milestones to make a bigger difference.

Dr. Moss earned her PhD in Philosophy of Education from Cornell University, where she received the prestigious A.D. White University Fellowship and co-authored an ethics textbook. She is now on a unique mission to bring people together to transform the world into a better place.

Dr. Pamela Moss is available for interviews.

The Soul Guide to a Magical Life: How to Remove Your Blocks to Your Greatest is available on Amazon.com.  Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JR6BNNN