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Lightworkers all over the world are waking up to fulfill our highest purpose. This is the time we were born for!

But to do that, we need to open up to receive ALL the wise guidance and deep support that wants to come to us now.

This Activation Event will help you connect more deeply with your inner guidance.

In this FREE Experiential Global Event, you will:

    • Get to know your spirit guides. Even if you’re already connected, there is another level that awaits you…
    • Learn how to remove your resistance to connectingif you’ve been struggling with that, or not trusting what you get.
    • Receive the exact guidance and support you need nowYour guides are just waiting to be asked!

We can’t wait to share this powerful and important Activation with you!

And I am delighted to introduce you (if you have not already met) to my beloved friends and colleagues, gifted guides from different traditions. We will each lead you through a different piece of the Alignment Activation, in sacred collaboration and flow…

Meet My Guest:

From New Zealand — Joy White Peacock Woman

Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries created a life in which Joy cannot see and do things most people can — BUT she can see and do things most people can’t.

She has died 6 times, and each time returned with new perspectives & uncommon abilities to help others. She is a Stress and Trauma expert, ex-Corporate executive, and Accidental Shaman.

We are offering this webinar completely free of charge, in service to the need of these times . . . no upsells, no hype . . . Just real connection, love, and truth power.

Some great questions we addressed today:

“How do you trust that the answers you get are not something your mind fabricates?”

“If I think I fell asleep during part of it, can I trust my heart was listening?”

“There’s a point to the darkness… does that mean there’s no point in seeking out light?”

“How do you overcome skepticism around this process?”

And some wonderful questions we will get to soon:

“How can we tap into our soul mission and business and have intuition lead the decisions and day to day?”

“What can we do when we feel like we’re not connected or doing enough to/ for our large mission. I’m 100% sure I have one, but I feel slow or like a procrastinator.”

On the call we mentioned 2 gifts to support you: 

Gift #1:

See the 10 ways to tell if what you’re getting is “real” (rather than fabricated by your mind) in the FAQs of “Dialogue with Trusted Guidance. ”

It’s Treasure #1 in my gorgeous Inner Wisdom Treasure Chest >>

Get your FREE Treasure Chest here

Gift #2

Joy’s beautiful Aura Cleansing videos, so you can get bathed in that unconditional love any time:

The first one is a Free Mini Aura Cleanse for additional Corona Virus Protection that will raise your vibration every time you wash your hands.

You can get the full Morning and Evening Aura Cleanses (bring on the unconditional love!) for just $11.11 on the same page. Great way to start and end the day.

Oh, how we love and appreciate you!

More soon,

P.S. Please forward or share this with friends & family  — we are offering heart & soul medicine, truly helping people find “clarity and calm in the midst of chaos.” It is sorely needed!


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