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With Covid-19 causing chaos in our health care system, government, economy — and our daily lives — it is vital to find inner calm and deep clarity.

That is the only way to respond appropriately to the needs of the moment… and to align with your soul’s calling for these extraordinary times. 

So, I invite you to join me (and my remarkable guests) to view this webinar.

In this Global Experiential Event,  you will:

    • Receive our beautiful Alignment Activation for deep clarity & inner calm in the midst of chaos!
    • Quarantine buddies pushing your buttons? Learn a fun way to step out of drama and into your power!
    • Transform Chaos and Confusion into deep Clarity and Inspired Action!

I am thrilled to share this with you, dear fellow Light.  Together we have got this 💖

And I am delighted to introduce you (if you have not already met them) to my beloved friends and colleagues, gifted guides from different traditions. We will each lead you through a different piece of the Alignment Activation, in sacred collaboration and flow…

Meet My Guests:

From Alaska & the Pacific Northwest — Laughing Helen (aka Grandmother Spider)

Intercessor of individual and group Indigenous ceremonies that were passed on by her elders in the traditional way, Laughing Helen  supports personal and communal shifts by providing medicine for the people and our beloved Mother Earth.


From New Zealand — Joy White Peacock Woman

Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries created a life in which Joy can’t see and do things most people can — BUT she can see and do things most people can’t.

She has died 6 times, and each time returned with new perspectives & uncommon abilities to help others. She is a Stress and Trauma expert, ex-Corporate executive, and Accidental Shaman.

We are offering this webinar completely free of charge, in service to the need of these times . . . no upsells, no hype . . . Just real connection, love, and truth power.

Viewer Comments:

“I am so grateful for this time, and how the Universe before this time had already aligned to support me during this time. I feel this is a call to everyone to take time for self, to go within. Thank you All That Is!” — Shauna

“Thank you so much!! I am so grateful for all of you!! This hour has been such a gift!!.” — Kathleen

“Blessings to all for this beautiful Rebirth!” — Angela

“Thank you from the bottom of my soul to your souls!” – Aniki 

“I am very grateful for all of you. You are amazing!!!!”  — Bianca

“Please let’s work on connecting to our guidance, and also deal with how interference from outside sources can impact you getting messages and guidance.” – Mark 

WAIT! We are not done yet! There are some FREE GIFTS for YOU!!!

Dr. Pamela Moss, your Soul Guide

Get my life-changing FREE GIFT:
Tap into Trusted Guidance ebook

We tapped into our own trusted guidance on this call to get answers to 2 important questions: What can I do to express/support the collective shift that’s already happening?  And: Can you tell me my larger mission for this time?

This ebook helps you continue the conversation, more deeply and expansively and often, which can literally change your life for the better.

Not only can you get clear answers to your questions, you can also get wise guidance beyond anything you know to ask for. . .

Above all, regularly using this technique will make you feel profoundly supported — with an inner confidence, peace, and spiritual depth that nothing can destroy.

Includes FAQ with detailed examples, tips for connecting, how to tell if what you’re getting is ‘real’, and a helpful list of tried-and-true questions to ask.

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Laughing Helen (aka Grandmother Spider)

Get Helen’s Sacred FREE GIFT:
Sacred Song Prayer to Invite Balance

We have experienced the power of Laughing Helen’s traditional sacred songs in each of our Activation events. People have visions, feel shifts, are moved…

“Steadfast Bison appeared to me recently in Ceremony, today he was here with White Buffalo. I’m beginning to understand why… Thank you for keeping these ancient songs alive.”  — Joy

I am not used to your culture, but I felt soo much pain while you were singing. It reminded me that LOVE is not being shiny happy people all the time, but going very, very deep.” — Aniki

This joyful video is an energetic experience of inviting balanced support from Grandmothers and Grandfathers:

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Joy White Peacock Woman

Receive Joy’s Awesome FREE GIFT:
Coronavirus Protection mini-Aura Cleanse video

Doing Joy’s Mini Aura Cleanse daily provides additional Coronavirus Protection, raising your vibration every time you wash your hands.  Improving your Physical AND Spiritual Protection!

Joy also offers Morning and Evening Full Aura Cleanse videos; you can get both for just $11.11, lower down on the same page.

Wow! I “blew out” the sticky places in myself with Joy’s clearing, and felt that and everyone’s energy very tangibly! TY 🙂 ” — Sophie

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Stay safe and be well!

Love and blessings,

P.S. Please forward or share this with friends & family  — we are offering heart & soul medicine, truly helping people find “clarity and calm in the midst of chaos.” It is sorely needed!

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