Unity Activations: The Antidote to the Fear Virus






In this unprecedented period, many people are feeling fearful and isolated. . .

That’s why Spirit told me to invite you to join me to shift that.

In this Experiential Global Event, you will:

    • Get the Higher Perspective on these unsettled times
    • Transform Fear and Isolation into Connection, Love & Joy!
    • Receive 4 beautiful Unity Activations to uplift & inspire

I am very excited to share this with you. . . and to co-create together, for you are a beacon of Light too.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to 3 dear friends and colleagues, gifted shamans from different traditions, who will be joining us — each one leading you through a unique Unity Activation during this powerful event.

Meet my guests:

1. From Hawaii — Dr. Kala H. Kos

Decades ago, after curing herself of an ‘incurable’ disease, Kala began a quest to discover the secrets of bringing intention into reality. She was led to a beautiful Hawaiian island and an age-old science of healing and manifestation, where she was tutored by several Kahunas in the Hawaiian shamanic tradition. She’s since become a Doctor of Psychology, CEO of the Empowerment Academy, and international Spiritual Mentor, Healer, and Author. Dr. Kala has helped thousands of people transform their subconscious limits to achieve more success, happiness, and health.  https://becomemagnetic.com

2. From Alaska & the Pacific Northwest — Laughing Helen (aka Grandmother Spider)

Intercessor of individual and group Indigenous ceremonies that were passed on by her elders in the traditional way.

Grandmother Spider supports personal and communal shifts by providing medicine for the people and our beloved Mother Earth. http://www.laughinghelen.com

3. From New Zealand — Joy White Peacock Woman

Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries created a life in which Joy can’t see and do things most people can — BUT she can see and do things most people can’t.

She’s died 6 times, and each time returned with different perspectives & uncommon abilities to help others. She’s a Stress and Trauma expert, ex- Corporate executive, and Accidental Shaman.  https://experiencejoy.com

You don’t want to miss this Global Experiential Event with my extraordinary guests!

We’re offering it completely free of charge, in service to the need of these times . . . no upsells, no hype . . . Just real connection, love and joy.

Viewer Comments:

My fear went from 50 to like 5. Amazing!” – Danna
“Thank you so much to you all. I am deeply touched and inspired. Feel so blessed to join that call. Really amazing.” – Chris

“I find myself cleansing some hidden fears in preparation for my next steps. Mahalo mahalo for your wisdom and love.” – Lynne

“My deepest gratitude to all the beautiful souls for putting this together.”

– Ilona

I am so very grateful for everyone’s precious time – this has been inspiring and transformational. I do hope there are more of these moments, to fill myself so that I may hopefully fill others! ” – Kathleen

Love and blessings,

P.S. Please share or forward this to friends & family who feel isolated or fearful — we’re offering heart & soul medicine, truly an antidote to the collective mind-virus of fear. . .

Thanks for helping us reach those who need a boost!

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