Focus Activations: Zapping the Panic Bug






There’s panic in New York City: “Over 4 million New Yorkers — 50% of the city’s population — will get the corona virus,” Mayor Bill de Blasio warned yesterday.

Yet Michael Levitt, Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist, says, “What we need is to control the panic.” In the grand scheme, “we’re going to be fine.”

In this time of collective panic and contradictory messages, it’s vital that we get clear and focused — so we can step up to make the difference we’re here for.

We are made for these times!  That is why I invite you to join me (and 3 remarkable guests) to activate your inner clarity and focus.

In this Global Experiential Event, you will:

    • Receive 4 potent Focus Activations to tap into your deeper knowing
    • Experience deep clarity and peace
    • Transform Panic and Confusion into Peace, Love & Inspired Action!

I am very excited to share this with you. . . and to co-create together, dear fellow Light.

I am also thrilled to introduce you (if you haven’t met already) to 3 beloved friends and colleagues, gifted guides from different traditions, who will each lead you through a powerful Focus Activation during this event.

1. From Hawaii — Dr. Kala H. Kos

Decades ago, after curing herself of an ‘incurable’ disease, Kala began a quest to discover the secrets of bringing intention into reality. She was led to a beautiful Hawaiian island and an age-old science of healing and manifestation, where she was tutored by several Kahunas in the Hawaiian shamanic tradition.

She has become a Doctor of Psychology, CEO of the Empowerment Academy, and international Spiritual Mentor, Healer, and Author. Dr. Kala has helped thousands of people transform their subconscious limits to achieve more success, happiness, and health.

2. From Alaska & the Pacific Northwest — Laughing Helen (aka Grandmother Spider)

Intercessor of individual and group Indigenous ceremonies that were passed on by her elders in the traditional way.

Grandmother Spider supports personal and communal shifts by providing medicine for the people and our beloved Mother Earth.

3. From New Zealand — Joy White Peacock Woman

Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries created a life in which Joy cannot see and do things most people can — BUT she can see and do things most people can’t.

She has died 6 times, and each time returned with different perspectives & uncommon abilities to help others. She is a Stress and Trauma expert, ex- Corporate executive, and Accidental Shaman.

You don’t want to miss this Global Experiential Event with my extraordinary guests!

We’re offering this webinar completely free of charge, in service to the need of these times . . . no upsells, no hype . . . Just real connection, love and joy.

Viewer comments:

“Wow!! Totally blown away. I just can’t even begin to express all the gratitude I have you putting this together and for all your most beautiful gifts.” — Kathy

“I appreciate you all today. It is so important in this Time of Women and honoring the indigenous wisdom. Bringing focused attention on empowering one another and creating the New Earth.” — Shirin

“For all of you much gratitude! With exclamation mark! Feel lucky and blessed to be part of this amazing women with all the wisdom that you are sharing to help us to connect to spirit.” — Bianca

“So much gratitude sweet ladies and to everyone on this call. I am feeling full, graceful and radiant and I wish to share that with all I come into contact with. Keeping it sacred and silly!” – Ashley

“This session was very powerful and grounded me. The inspired action I am hearing is to let it settle and process throughout my body.” – Susan

“Thank you to all of you beautiful souls! May our love continue to be greater than our fear!” – Renee

Wait! We have some FREE GIFTS for you!

Get Kala’s FREE GIFT:

Ancient Principles & Qualities. The 3 Hawaiian Secrets guide you to release Mental & Emotional Resistance easily & quickly.

Powerful Techniques & Tools. Use these methods to become present and calm immediately. Then energetically program your Subconscious Self for how you truly want to feel and be.

Reclaim Your Sovereign Self. Be the co-creator you are meant to be. Align with your Spirit Self, manage your energy & your inner state. Confidently claim your safety, security, and health.

Get Helen’s sacred FREE GIFT:
Sacred Song Prayer to Invite Balance

This joyful video is an energetic experience of inviting balanced support from Grandmothers and Grandfathers. As viewers said:

“Thank you Helen for that beautiful meditation… I felt so lifted. Namaste!” — Janet

 “I loved balancing the male / female energies, I felt a great inner blending and imagined nice soft flashes of light – images of integration, thanks Helen.” — Paul

“I got 1. Embodying all archetypes of masculine just as much as feminine 2. Embodying more truth and strength in presence!” — Hani Cheng

Receive Joy’s beautiful FREE GIFT:
Aura Cleansing video

Doing Joy’s Mini Aura Cleanse daily provides additional Coronavirus Protection that will raise your vibration every time you wash your hands. Improving your Physical AND Spiritual Protection!

Get my life-changing FREE GIFT:
Tap into Trusted Guidance ebook

We tapped into trusted guidance a few minutes in our Focus Activations event, to get the message you need now. This ebook helps you do that more deeply (and often), literally changing your life for the better.

Not only can you get clear answers to whatever troubles you, you can also get wise guidance beyond anything you know to ask for. . .

Above all, regularly using this technique will make you feel profoundly supported — with an inner confidence, peace, and spiritual depth that nothing can destroy.

Includes FAQ with detailed examples, tips for connecting, how to tell if what you’re getting is ‘real’, and a helpful list of tried-and-true questions to ask.

Love and blessings,

P.S. Please share or forward this to friends & family  — we’re offering heart & soul medicine, truly “zapping the collective panic bug” — so people have the clarity and calm they need to make the difference they are here for.

TOGETHER, we have got this!

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