She couldn’t stop it

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Suzana knew she was holding herself back somehow.

Although she’s a gifted holistic practitioner who really helps people, she was worried: clients seemed to take advantage of her kindness, so she was not earning as much as she should (and wanted). But she couldn’t seem to stop it!

A personal Retreat day with me changed all that.

In one day of customized one-on-one work, we defined crystal clear goals, focused on what it would take to fulfill them, and created personalized tools and assignments that helped her achieve her goals.

Suzana left feeling liberated! She was empowered and more present, and finally honoring her own worth. And she started setting very clear boundaries.

As a result, just 9 days later she reported:

  • My income is increasingpeople who owed me money are paying, and new clients are coming in!
  • I started writing right afterwards, and the flow hasn’t stopped!  (Decades of writers’ block disappeared in minutes during her Retreat.)
  • I’ve stopped procrastinating. I have ideas about where to go with my business, and I am taking steps right now, without hesitation.
  • I’ve dropped unproductive activities I did for years. I have more time and energy!”

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Here’s what else Suzana said about our day together:

My Retreat day freed me to meet my highest potential!”

“And that energy stayed with me and even strengthened afterwards, because Pamela initiated my own ability to generate beauty, self awareness, and power.”


“Pamela gave her precious attention to me the whole day and was very empathic and full of compassion, which created a safe environment to open my heart and meet my heart’s needs. (She reminds me of the Empress in my medieval Tarot deck…)

She also joyfully shared my new discoveries and celebrated my unfolding path with “Yays!” and a warm hug. This very inviting and relaxed atmosphere made the hours of intense work enjoyable and productive.

I did my Retreat Day with Pamela in person [she also does them online]. She choose an exquisite place in nature and provided delicious food to honor what I’d discover about myself. I feel that traveling to the destination, and the sacred space she provided, ignited the great change that followed.

I believe what is unique about Pamela’s soul guidance work is that it’s very structured and goal-oriented AND spontaneous, playful, and from the heart. I like how she drills down to find the precise tools and assignments I need to achieve whatever I wish for. Her magical tools and warm, gentle energy encouraged me to step into my own divinity!

I feel truly grateful for my Retreat and the day Pamela and I spent working together. If you are ready for a great change and need a push like I did, there is no way that working with Pamela can disappoint you.”

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