She hid it in the closet

“Where’s your vision board?” I asked Jane. 
The party swirled around us as we sat sipping wine on her living room couch. She’d been telling me how much she’d enjoyed my vision board workshop . . .
Yet now Jane couldn’t meet my eyes. She dropped her party smile.
“Uh, I put it in the closet.”
“The closet? Why?” I was genuinely curious.
“It makes me feel bad to look at it . . . But I can’t throw it out. It was too important.”
She hunched up her shoulders and turned away, wiping her eyes. 
I understood her pain — Jane’s beautiful vision seemed unattainable. She’d dared to dream, and now it mocked her: Who do you think you are?! YOU don’t deserve that . . .
Jane’s pain stood in sharp contrast to Maria’s joy.
They’d both gone to the same vision board workshop . . . But when I ran into Maria a year and a half later, she was so transformed I didn’t even recognize her! 
That svelte, laughing woman with the radiant smile was a far cry from the depressed, heavily overweight lady at the workshop, who’d just left her cheating husband and didn’t know where she and her three kids would live. 
Maria joyfully told me how that vision board workshop turned her life around: 
Soon after, she found the perfect place for her and the kids to live — rent free, in exchange for light housekeeping. She also got a full scholarship to go back and finish college. And now she’d received a full scholarship to grad school for her chosen new career. And she’d lost 70 pounds and was running half marathons –– she, who had such bad knees at the workshop that she had trouble getting up from a chair!
Maria told me it all came from following the “essence” of her vision board:
“Adventure” also led her to take sailing lessons — which is how she met the love of her life. He wasn’t what she’d thought she wanted: she’d been dating professors, and he hadn’t even gone to college!  But he was adventurous like her, and a perfect match every way.
The more I talked to Maria and other graduates of my vision board workshops, the more I realized that people who are successful with vision boards intuitively do 3 critical things that “unsuccessful” people like poor Jane miss.
And I knew I had to teach these three critical things, so that everyone (not just the lucky few) can use the powerful ‘magic’ of vision boards to get true clarity and create the changes they deeply desire.
And so I created The Clarity Course, which takes vision boards to a whole different level.
The mission of The Clarity Course (and yours, should you choose to accept it) is to:
Get CLEAR about what you really want;
Uncover your unique, do-able PLAN to make it happen;
BREAK THROUGH everything that’s held you back;
and start FULFILLING your heart’s desires
— in 6 life-changing weeks!
You can find out more about it here.
It’s on sale for the next few days.
With love and blessings,
P.S. I’ve changed names the names and identifying details of these workshop participants to protect their privacy . . . But their stories are true. See a dozen more here.

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