Transmuting Fear into Light

This is a powerful process you can model to permanently dissolve your fear into Light, and also remove some collective fear from the world.

It doesn’t matter what your fear is about, nor how real it seems — fear is fear, and you can transmute it into light. This is one example of how to do that. You will find your own way if you do a written dialogue with the fear you feel and also with your Trusted Guidance (“TG”: whatever you trust for higher wisdom — spirit guides, God, angels,  your heart, higher self etc). You might also ask Fear and TG to talk to each other…  See what naturally arises out of this deep listening.

Note: I wrote this dialogue when I was feeling fear about money. I had just realized I could not use an expensive marketing system I’d bought, because it is out of alignment for me to offer people something that I don’t expect will really serve them. And that’s what I’d bought. Damn! What could or should I offer instead??


P: Dear Sacred Heart, are you there?

SH: Yes… (resonating in my heart)  I am glad. Being in alignment is your true source of wealth.

P: I am so grateful to be processing this fear around money for myself and on behalf of the collective.

SH: What you need is forgiveness

P: Forgiveness?

SH: Forgiveness for being of the world when you also know you are not. Forgiveness for buying into (gentle laugh) the Separation story, yet again. Forgiveness for having a pain body that is connected to the pain body of the world, the pain body attached to “money”.

I love that your intention today to be present in the Now is supporting and surprising you. I love that you have surrendered your ego’s certainty and greed, and now something more beautiful can flow in. I love that you recognize and acknowledge fear as your teacher, and saw the split in you [love, and fear] in your face in the mirror. Blessed day, blessed moments!

P: Who gives me the forgiveness? I don’t feel like I need it…

SH: (that gentle laugh) Ah, but of course you don’t, dear ego. Pamela’s higher self forgives you for being you. In some ways she does not want to see you operating, in other ways she welcomes the inquiry and observation, for she does love Truth.

P: Isn’t my higher self above me and all this?

SH: No, you have brought her down into your body/form. She is a bit confused to be there — it’s harder to see clearly from there, but she also gives you the light of the divine in your daily experience, moments of ananda, opening you as a vessel of divine Consciousness. It is an agreement you have. You asked to be awakened as rapidly as possible, her presence in you assists that.

P: Thank you. Can you assist me with what to offer, and how best to use this day?

SH: First, do not ‘use’ this day. Let each moment use YOU. That is living meditation — every moment of every day. NOW.

[I fall into deep meditation…]

That peace and joy you feel? That is Sat. Truth. Reality. Create whatever you would create from there. Nothing else is real.

P: Thank you very much!

SH: You can experience this soooo much more. Everything you are experiencing now is to remind you of this — it has nothing to do with your circumstances or your thoughts. It is pure Being. Always there. It is what you are writing of  [in my book, The Soul Guide to a Magical Life]; but you cannot write of it without experiencing it as you write; let that dictate the words (though it is wordless).

Dear Pamela, you are in a time now when what you have asked for is happening! You are seeing the egoic programming more and more clearly, moment by moment. Each moment you learn from that, choose from that Awareness, empowers you and empowers the world. For as you ‘know’, you and the world are one.

P: I can hear part of me saying, “but from that place of Awareness, I can’t DO anything!” And it feels there are definitely things I must do.

SH: You may need to hear it, talk to it…. But maybe not. Dear child, what is it you want?

P: from the heart?

SH: (smiling) of course!

P: To serve and be served. To bless and be blessed. To not worry about money, but trust I am always supported. Part of me knows that, another part doesn’t believe that.

SH: That part must always be doing, doing, for it does not trust Being.

P: It says, “but Being is not enough! Things have to be brought into the world, offerings must be made so that money can be received, services must be provided, chores must be done. None of these things happens by itself!

SH: Shall I talk to that part, or shall you?

P: This is kind of wild, having Trusted Guidance talk to a Part.

SH: We are both part of you, it is not so strange at all. Let’s set up a dialogue with the 2 of us, you sit back and just take dictation, shall we? (smiling)

P: Sure! Ok, like to speak to the part first. Part, what would you like to be called?

Part: oh stop humoring me, that doesn’t matter. You’re so condescending, do you know that?

Pamela: I’m sorry. But this dialogue is between you and Sacred Heart.

Part: I’d rather tear into you, she’s not much fun.

Pamela: I’m going to the bathroom, maybe eat something. When I come back it’s Part & SH. I am the boss.

Part (snorting) that’s what YOU think.


We’re back. Beginning with quote from the Part above:

Part: but from that place of Awareness, I can’t do anything! Being is not enough! Things have to be brought into the world, offerings must be made so that money can be received, services must be provided, chores must be done. None of these things happens by itself!

Part: (adding something?) (sullen, NOT adding)

Pamela: dear Part, we do need to hear from you. You’ve been quite noisy these past hours, need to get what you’re saying

Part: I already said it. There is no response.

SH: I am here to respond from the heart, with Heart. Part, you are FEAR.

Fear: Ok, got me. Whoop-de-doo.

SH: You and I can’t fully be in the same space. But we have danced from across the room… (smiling)

Fear: You’re not going to condescend to me too, now, are you? Because I won’t have it. I am to be feared — I am what you should pay attention to!!

SH: Yes, that is how it seems to you. We could call you by other names as well.

Fear: I can hear it, I know you think “Devil”. He’s a lot more manipulative than me. Well… maybe not… (quieter, smaller)

SH: So you don’t want to be the devil?

Fear: No, of course not!!

SH: What’s so scary?

Fear: You know enough not to ask. Let’s change the subject

SH: Ok. So you feel a need to be doing. What is top of Mind to do?

Fear: Create an offering to send out tomorrow, one that feels “aligned” to P & her higher self, but that also gets the job done.

SH: And what is the job?

F: Getting people to pay!! We need money, more of it. I’m tired of mental games and feeling stingy

SH: Sren’t you the source of feeling stingy?

F: Well yes, but… (confused) I don’t like it.

SH: Just like you don’t like being “the devil”

F: Stop it! I AM NOT.

SH: I apologize, Fear. No more name calling. What is your deepest desire?

F: I can never have it (sadly)

SH: It’s ok to say it anyway

F: I want to always have enough, and more than enough. I want Pamela to have plenty of money, to not have to think about money, just be safe and secure always.

SH: That’s very kind of you. What would happen to you if that were true?

F: I don’t know… I guess I’d be gone.

SH: Where would you go?

F: Oh there are PLENTY of places (smiling again, seeing millions of people)

SH: So you’re not really part of Pamela’s personality, are you?

F: No I guess not. I’m kind of free-floating — not just in her, but in many, many people. I’m part of something big in the world (proudly)

SH: The devil is in the details

F: What does that mean?

SH: The larger thing you are part of could be called “the devil”. Or not. But it shows it’s, shall we say, ‘dysfunctionality’ in the moment-by-moment details of how you react, what you amplify, what you distort, what you suppress.

F: I’m not stupid, I know you meant ‘evil’, I heard it. And I know you want to tell me what each of those things means/what it looks like. But I don’t want your lessons.

SH: So back to why you can never have what you want for Pamela. Why is that?

F: Because it just doesn’t seem possible. I can’t get her to do what she needs to do. I’m not even sure I know what she needs to do. This whole ‘spiritual entrepreneur’ thing is so confusing — money and spirituality don’t easily mix, do they.

SH: They can. Money is a neutral medium of exchange; it’s the thoughts you attach to it that make it “dirty”

F: Look, I don’t want to take all day in flowery conversation. If I don’t create an offering, & figure what to go back to M & L with, will you do that? Can you? Let’s get some money flowing.

SH: The source of money is not our doing, but our mindset — what we are aligned for. Can you see where this is going? You’re smart…

F: You’re trying to say I should go away and Pamela will have such an elevated mindset, money will just fly to her, without doing anything at all.

SH: Well yes, but more precisely, the INSPIRED action will present itself from a very different place than the seat of Fear.

Can you see that the only way Pamela can “always have enough, and more than enough. I want Pamela to have plenty of money, to not have to think about money, just be safe and secure always

… is without you?

Fear: I feel very tired.

SH: Would it work for the system to go to sleep, and when Pamela wakes up, you’re well and truly gone?

F: Wouldn’t that be irresponsible on both our parts? I have a duty to motivate her and get her moving, and she has a duty to learn from me and all?

SH: It is possible she has learned enough from you. You have been very helpful. She saw through this lesson pretty quickly.

F: Yes, but not instantly, and she needed help.
And why am I helping you?! I should be arguing for why I’m needed, not how she can better get rid of me

SH: But you don’t need her. And you are kind enough to want the best for her

F: I really am very tired

SH: Maybe it’s time to move on to greener pastures…

F: If I did, how can I be sure she’ll be ok?

SH: Hasn’t she always been ok? Hasn’t she been told she is provided for, and doesn’t she have good reason to think so?

F: Well yes….

SH: You can go in good conscience. Thank you for your service! Sincerely, we are truly grateful. You have played such an important Part (chuckling) in her ongoing awakening.

And you know, if you are ready to return to the Light, you can. You are forever safe there, no whiff of sulfur (smiling)

F: If I leave Pamela, I am not gone from the world. WE are much too big for that.

SH: True

F: And WE will come back if she needs us

SH: How would y’all know if she needs you?

…. I don’t know…

SH: Are you ready to go?

F: Just one last thing. I want Pamela to love me… (crying)


Then I start crying too, and express heart-felt appreciation and love for Fear, who has taught me so much. I see that FEAR is what needs forgiving, and forgive it freely, saying it is free to go, or stay, I can live in peace with it now. Then I say, “you are FREE!” in clear, ringing tone. And it is gone.

Silence. expansiveness. Light. I feel completely awake. Clear. deep quiet. peace.

My hands are vibrating, so I hold them up in blessing, asking that this be a blessing for ALL beings. I ask that all the fear in the world that is willing to be transmuted to Light now, be set free. I see clockwork gears rotating to the left (unwinding); then dark, wound-up fabric doing the same on a massive scale, letting in light from the center as it untwirls and relaxes — while the energy in my palms also churns leftwards in circles, in a tick-tick-tick ratcheting kind of way, unwinding what is ready to be unwound.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!” bursts from me when the process seems to be completing.

Continuing to follow leading of the body, I stretch up to the heavens in gratitude, then slowly bring my outstretched hands down and together over my heart, feeling the space compress between them as I do, like shutting a cosmic door, until the strange, dry, papery feeling of my hands touching each other (doesn’t feel like “my body” at all) opens my eyes.

How I celebrate this alignment: write about this in the SGML!

My Inspired Action: Not doing! Nap, or sit quietly. Then ask for guidance about what to offer…


P: I am ready now to consult with Trusted Guidance on what to offer.

I am told I’ll be guided to what to offer after I talk with an old friend tomorrow, a fellow spiritual entrepreneur who has asked me for feedback on her offerings.

I can ask her freely what she is needing, what she feels is missing, and what she’d love, that would take her biz to whole new level — that is the payment for me freely being of service to her. We can decide together (including what I can tell her is possible that she may not know) what would be included in the offering and how it’d be delivered that would feel delicious, then do The Right Price exercise together with no expectation she would do this — she is just being a voice for the Lights I’m here to serve. (And we may come up with several different options.)

If I write anything for my list today [I was going to make the offer that I knew wouldn’t really serve people] it’s going to be to share about this whole process. Transparency.


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  1. *Thank you* for sharing this process. This is inspiring. I may try and do something similar to work with my own fears in other contexts.

  2. This is a perfect example of Jungs archetypal dialog. I use it too and teach my clients. Some are too afraid to use it!

    Thank you very much,

    Judith Fine-Sarchielli

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