Exactly how I transformed “I am a failure”

I’m going to be ruthlessly honest and vulnerable with you about a topic that is usually taboo:

I woke up early this morning with a familiar feeling of foreboding and heaviness. Usually I try to push it away with meditation, but today I actually listened to it — what is the thought behind this feeling?

Then I heard clearly what I usually push away: “I am a failure. I’m not worth much because I don’t earn much.”  And I felt grateful and excited! Because I KNOW how to remove any block, no matter how huge it seems, once I uncover it.

(Removing all my blocks to having a Soulmate is what allowed me to meet Mark on my first date in 29 years — and have a Soulmate relationship that just keeps deepening, such joy!)

So I got to work and transformed it, using self muscle testing (taught in Video 2: http://www.drpamelamoss.com/smr-video-2/) to get clear about exactly what to do and the precise order of the steps.

And I’m going to share them with you, direct from my private journal:

First I said my usual blessing/prayer: “May the benefits flowing to me from this work be freely offered as a prayer for the liberation of all sentient beings. May all beings (including me) be filled with peace, love and joy!”

Step 1.Clarify my overall goal, what I desire to be true in this area:

I AM at peace, knowing and owning my true value, resting in the awareness that I AM always protected and provided for in perfect ways. My life is a beautiful success. I AM learning and evolving all the time, and I AM a beautiful success in every way, including financially.
I AM free to receive abundance and prosperity. I AM happy, peaceful and at ease with myself and others in regards to money, no matter how much or how little I have. Money is a neutral topic for me.

Step 2: Work needs to include Karmic Contract Cleansing/Rewriting (re: equating self-worth with $$) and a Stressful Situation Alignment.

Step 3: My system needs to translate this goal for the subconscious mind:

What I will SEE when it’s true:

1. I look at bank statement, or total of my debt, with smiling, peaceful, softly radiant face.

2. I’m talking with B about finances, computer open or holding papers with numbers, and both are smiling at each other and laughing, clearly enjoying each other’s company, leaning in toward each other

3. Image of myself as a being of Light — dressed in white toga-like Ancient Greek chiton, light radiating all around me in golden glow, every crease and fold, every part of my body inside and out glowing with golden-white light

4. See myself in the bathroom mirror, as did after I led first big Treasure Mapping workshop at Light on the Hill, looking deep into my own eyes with profound recognition and tears of joy.

What I will HEAR when it’s true:

1. Me telling Mark (or someone else) “Oh, now I see!” followed by insight: “this was just part of …” or “this is what was missing…”

2. Client says “I am excited to do this work with you!” and tells me their cc info for $10,000 sale

3. I say to myself “thank God, thank God, I’m free at last!”

4. Hallelujah chorus

Feeling when it’s true: Gratitude. Fulfillment. Peace. Joy.

Where feel it in my body: heart radiating upwards in a cone, and as rings of light spreading out from me. (Like presence of my Guardian Council) Tears in corners of eyes, huge smile on my face, rush of feeling… so grateful!

temp & color: warm; golden & blue (cerulean blue turning to deeper blue of midsummer day)

shape as above (cone and rings like tree rings but moving outward)

texture: like fine sand sifting through my fingers in a steady flow

smell: fresh-baked bread

taste: cinnamon sugar on toast

Step 4: A belief is needed for this overall goal, must be created from scratch. Aligning this belief will align ALL the other beliefs needed for this goal. The belief is:

My sense of self-worth is always based on the Truth of Who I Am.

Step 5: My system needs to translate this belief for the subconscious mind:

What I will SEE when it’s true:

1. I am sleeping peacefully through the night — bedside clock hands spinning around 6, 7, 8 hours in time lapse, my body shifts around, but long periods of stillness and I don’t wake up

2. I look at bank  & credit card statements with slight smile and smooth, unfurrowed brow.

3. I sit or stand with hands crossed over my heart and head bowed to heart

What I will HEAR when it’s true:

1. I say to myself in mirror, “I love you, sweetheart”

2. I say “thank you!” to God

3. soprano singing, melodic and rich sound with piano accompaniment — music composed by my dad?

 Feeling when it’s true:  Love and gratitude

Where feel it in my body: at heart and forehead — third eye. It’s warm, purple light.

Shape: 2 radiating circles, 1 at heart 1 at third eye. Centers are blacked out, like solar eclipse, so can see corona — purple glow with lighter energy currents forking out from center

texture: tingly, like electric current, even little unpleasant

smell: beef broth

taste: rich, nourishing beef broth (resisted this cuz I’m vegetarian ;-p)


Step 7: There is an alignment needed: #22, Karmic Contract Cleansing & Rewriting

Current contract:I am a failure. I can’t earn much because I’m not worth much.”

(It’s a contract I think my mom holds too, also many other women in my lineage and in the world; it’s what’s behind the previous contract I uncovered, “I need a man to protect and provide for me”)

Contract has blackened, blasted surface — charred wood tablet or plaque.

Is to be cleansed with water. In imaginal journey see myself dropping it into the depths of the Pacific ocean, it slowly sinks down and down. I’m afraid it will take a long time to dissolve… But I see it disintegrates very quickly, the cold water soothes the burned wood, and soon it is just thin strands of organic material that are ready to be consumed by fish or to fertilize new life.

I imaginally allow violet fire (like I saw in the corona of my heart and third eye chakras) to thoroughly clean and purify me and the place where my contracts are stored, rewriting and rewiring all that needs to be transformed.

New contract emerges to replace the old:  “I know who I am.”

Alignment is completed and saved.

Celebration: Spontaneous “Hallelujah, hallelujah indeed!” as I read over the goal and muscle test it, clapping my hands in delight.

New action that’s possible now: to share my ‘secret’ block, and this transformation, without shame!

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