How to get Crystal Clear for the New Year

Dr. Pamela Moss, The Soul Guide

I’m feeling called to get clear for the New Year – how about you?  There’s a powerful process I’m taking myself through to get deep clarity, and I thought I’d invite you to do it along with me.

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The New Year always feels like a chance to start fresh, doesn’t it?  To wake up our hearts a bit more. To allow in all the new possibilities that our minds are slow to see at other times. And most of all to get clear about what we truly want – both to change and let go of, and to attract and receive.

Why is getting clear SO important?  Well, crystal clarity is what allows us to manifest what we desire with ‘miraculous’  ease – as I’ve seen over and over with my clients and in my own life. Like when I went through a clarity process back in March to manifest my beloved soul mate Mark (right) — on my first date in 28 years. And now we just got engaged!

“Clarity is divinity” too, as wise friend of mine says, and it’s true: to be crystal clear is to be connected to our deep Truth – the divine within – and the peace and power that brings.

When we lack clarity, on the other hand, we feel confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, unsettled, stuck. We have a hard time focusing, and procrastinate and can’t make decisions. This can lead to relentlessly criticizing and second-guessing ourselves, and/or complaining about others or our situation. Yuck… (I’ve been there, I know!)

The New Year is such a magical time to get clear!  So I invite you to join me this Sunday to start 2014 right:

Crystal Clear for the New Year:  

A Soul-Guided Journey to Your Deep Truth

BRAND NEW Transformational Online Workshop! 

with Dr. Pamela Moss, The Soul Guide

Sunday, January 5 2014

2pm EST, 11am PST, 8pm CET

In this guided, interactive online workshop you will:

  • See where you are now in your life  (the start of any transformation)
  •  Get present to what you authentically WANT, so you can begin to manifest it
  • Receive insight, healing, and guidance from your own inner wisdom right on the call (Amazing! Beautiful! Profound! Not to be missed)
  •   Discover what you need to focus on in 2014 for your highest and best good
  • Uncover what’s in your way — and what you can do about it
  • See YOUR next indicated step. Then it’s up to you to take it!


I’m so excited to offer this brand-new interactive ONLINE workshop  — you can participate from anywhere in the world! — and I promise that no matter what you’re dealing with, or what you’re up to, if you come with an open mind this soul-guided journey truly will help you start 2014 with clarity, inspiration and power.

Plus it’s RIDICULOUSLY affordable…

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Love and blessings,
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P.S. I’ve wanted to be able to offer you something like this — powerful work directly with me, accessible to everyone no matter where you live or what your budget is — for years. Here it is!
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