Grief, joy & transformation

I thought I was done grieving the end of my marriage.

We did all the work to separate last November with love and honor, and thoroughly processed everything after that. It felt complete.

But the way my new sweetheart/soul mate Mark truly sees me, how he’s so there for me in every way, the deep shining JOY of our love, has paradoxically driven up all the unexpressed grief and loneliness of the last years in my marriage. (How many times did I sob into a pillow, so no one would hear?)

art by Anne Keneill

Yesterday I asked Mark to help me release this old grief from my body.  I could feel it lodged in my throat like a lump of unshed tears, and intuited that if he held me and witnessed me as I physically released it, it need never return.

After a wonderful dinner last night, it seemed ridiculous and artificial to turn to grieving; but I recognized that was just my mind’s resistance to doing the work we’d committed to. So even though I was feeling quite happy, I lay down beside him and willed the tears to come.

And it was shocking how the grief — without memories or reasons or any thought, just physical sensations and intense energy — was right there, stored in my throat and belly. At first I could hardly make a sound; my voice was literally caught in my throat. I asked my guidance to help me. As Mark held me and whispered “I’m here for you,” gut-wrenching sobs began to come out. They were so strong it was more like violently retching than crying.

Soon that phase passed. (Mark later revealed that he’d been energetically pulling the grief up and out of my body as he rubbed my back. Among his many other gifts, he’s a powerful, intuitive energy healer. Lucky me!)

Next I was guided to lie on my belly and have Mark press all his weight into the area of my back, over my heart. I could feel a release of the past (the back is what’s behind us…) and then I had him pull my arms back, so my head and chest lifted up off the ground. As my chest expanded, I could feel my heart opening again…. ahhhhh.

Finally I asked Mark to inhale any remaining grief he could sense in me. (He’d told me how he discovered that he absorbed people’s sadness when he hugged them, without harm to himself.) As he breathed it off me, I felt lighter and lighter. Soon I was giggling with joy and gratitude.

There was one last thing to do:  suddenly I felt inspired to sing “Amazing Grace”. My voice, stopped-up and broken just minutes before, came out strong and rich, and Mark joined in. Complete harmony. An experience of amazing grace…

The healing was complete.

Why am I telling YOU all this?  Because I’m making a transformational gift for you.

Your gift isn’t ready yet — you’ll be hearing about it in a few days — but I want to give you a head’s up that something wonderful is coming.

Hint: My gift for you involves powerful, practical tools for moving through life’s challenges.  (The same transformational tools that led me to quickly and permanently release old grief. That helped me move through every challenge I’ve faced these past couple years — money worries, growing my business, attracting ideal clients and awesome support, ending a 28 year marriage, finding an ideal home, finding a soul mate, experiencing spiritual union — with a good bit of grace and ease. And powerful results.)

Coming soon!

Love and blessings,

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P.S. Watch your inbox.  These are tools that up until now I’ve only shared with my private clients… I am truly excited and joyful to share this gift with you.

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