How I Found My Soul Mate (on my 1st Date in 29 Years!)

Just over 2 weeks ago I went on my first date in 29 years. And found the soul mate I’d been longing for!

It seems like a miracle, and you may be wondering “how did THAT happen?”

Well, the first date was rather shocking: Mark and I met a couple of weeks earlier on eHarmony and had gotten to know each other online, but when he walked into the cafe and our eyes met for the first time:  CRACK! We both felt the jolt of electricity.

Which really surprised me… Because he’s fairly short, and I’d always told myself, “I’m only attracted to tall men.” Yet there we were, beaming at each other as we talked:  Such a fascinating person! So attractive and sympatico! And that magnetic pull… my body was reacting in an undeniable way. Clearly my old ‘rule’ was gone, and I no longer needed a big guy to feel protected…

I noticed I had other outdated relationship ‘rules’ too, like “go slow” and “play it cool, girlfriend!” I ignored them as well, and did what my heart wanted: I invited him to go dancing the very next night — my birthday.

The birthday celebration began with my daughters and women friends joining me for a mandala-painting party, and then I went off to meet Mark at “Ecstatic Dance.”

No, we did not look like this, but you get the feeling…

I got there late, but we quickly found each other in the throng of people on the huge, dark dance floor .

We hugged hello, and somehow that hug never ended…

Later, a friend who was there told me she’d kept trying to get my attention, dancing around us and waving, but we never noticed her. (Or anything else. In fact we were quite surprised when the lights went up and everyone else was sitting in a big circle: When did the dancing and music stop?!) She described it as, “you two looked like you were melting into each other.

The melting continues… Words can’t convey how sexy and exciting and intellectually stimulating and heart-opening and JOYOUS this mutual unfolding is. I’m so grateful!

Yet it’s not really true that it “seems like miracle”. (Or at least not any more than life in general is a miracle.)

I’m clear that meeting my soul mate on my first date was the direct and inevitable result of work I did to prepare myself and call him in (plus divine grace).

So here’s how this REALLY happened:

Before you can have a ‘soul mate’ relationship with another, you must have a ‘soul mate’ relationship with yourself, and also with Source (your soul’s true mate).

I’d spent 8 years working through core issues in my marriage, culminating in a separation after 28 years together last November. This work not only healed the hurt and resentment between me and my former husband, it also healed my relationship with myself:

I got on a deep level that I really do deserve to be happy, and that I am enough and whole and holy, just as I am. I also got that it’s my responsibility to live a life I love and follow my calling. (I’d thought my husband and my financial situation “wouldn’t let me;” but there never was and never could be anything to stop me, once I set my mind and my heart on answering that inner call.)

In fact when I stopped listening to my fears and started consistently following my own trusted guidance, I discovered that I am always supported and guided to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and in service to life. Experiencing this over and over has greatly strengthened my relationship with Source.

(All of this is true for YOU, too. And possible for everyone on the planet, no matter how it seems. One of the things I love to do in my work is help people really get this for themselves.)

If YOU are interested in finding a soul mate, there were several additional, specific steps I took to align for this result and literally call him into my life. Just comment on this post and I’m happy to tell you what worked.

Also love to hear your thoughts or “how we met” stories… Your feedback is especially appreciated when I go out on a limb like this to share my personal life!


Love and blessings,

P.S. Sneak preview: We’ll be delving into the whole juicy topic of relationships when I interview my wise friend, international life coach Sonia Miller, about “What It REALLY Takes to Create and Sustain Fulfilling Male-Female Relationships.” Watch your inbox for an invitation to listen in!

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