2 thoughts on “The 3 Critical Keys: Vision-Powered Goals

  1. I have watched and listened (and also purchased) so many programs by other self-help “gurus” only to be disappointed and request a refund. I have also studied the subconscious very, very deeply and thoroughly. This video by Dr. Moss is logical, systematic and concise. I am looking forward to her other 2 videos. Thank you and bless you, Dr. Moss, for making these videos available.

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. I watched it and did the exercise.

    What I loved about it is that I struggle to figure out the “Big Why”behind what I do, but because of all the questions you asked, figuring out the Big Why was such a breeze! I had so much fun with it that I immediately shared my vision powered goal with my husband and I could
    tell that it touched him.

    I enjoyed this so much! I also plan on using this for other goals I have for 2018.

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