Personal: Why I’ve been blissed out

Frankly I’m going out on a  limb here, hoping that sharing something this personal will be useful to you.

OK, here goes: I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve been experiencing such love and gratitude, such delight and wonder at how magical life is,  such deep peace after my crazy busyness and intense highs and lows  last year,  that I just haven’t known what to say.

How do you talk about bliss and where it comes from?

I do have some clear reasons to celebrate:

  • just completed another round of my signature program, the Grow Your Dreams Intensive, which participants called a “tremendous, amazing life transformation” (so glad I didn’t give up last year…);
  • finally have my business set up to allow me freedom to enjoy sweet times with family and friends, go on retreats, and take our  daughters on trips (that’s me and our youngest in London, fulfilling a  dream of hers);
  • extraordinary people (powerful coaches, a Buddhist Lama, Hindu mystics, more) have come into  my life to help me fulfill my mission and also to seek my guidance and  partnership.  Spirit may not call the qualified, but it sure does qualify the called…  I feel sooo grateful!
  • it’s a blast creating exciting new programs and products to help you step into the greatest version of you. (Over the coming months you will see an entirely new look and feel in my business.)

But the biggest reason I’ve been so happy is I’ve discovered how to experience consistent peace, love, and delight, regardless of what happens — in good times or bad, through laughter or tears.

How is that possible?

Well,  I do still sometimes feel the old familiar insecurity, fear, sadness, anger, or  crankiness that I’ve carried around for years — yet now they only last a moment.  (OK, occasionally a few hours, if I’m resisting… ;-p)

But the moment I remember, once again, “hey, I get to choose right now: my ego’s worries and defensiveness, or my heart’s love & appreciation & connection to Source?  Ego, or Essence?  Ordinary life, or an extraordinary life? — I’m free!

Which fills me with such joy and gratitude…

I want to share with you one of the tools I use to do this every day.

It’s  a simple, quick, and beautiful way to de-stress and get grounded — and free  yourself.  I hope you’ll love this gift as much as I and my clients do:

click to download my “Guided Heart Breathing” audio

(Just 4 minutes, from a call with my Grow Your Dreams participants)

or click here to listen on your computer

Please listen and tell me what you think: does it help you feel more peaceful and happy?

Love to get your feedback,


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