For an incredible 2011, HARVEST your gifts from 2010

Yes, 2010 is almost over — and now is the perfect time to get the most out of it!

By harvesting 2010’s many gifts and lessons for you.

Harvest“HARVEST” is the beautiful Seventh Secret of the 7 Secrets to Grow Your Dreams into Reality®. It’s how you multiply your positive results many times over!  It’s also how you ‘get complete’ and experience whatever happened with peace and even gratitude, so you can open up to what is possible now.

“Harvesting” involves using the 4 R’s to Raise your Results: Recognize, Request, Receive, and Return thanks.

So to harvest 2010’s gifts and lessons for you, take time to recognize and acknowledge your growth this past year — the delights and the difficulties, the losses and the wins — and the people who’ve helped you along the way. Together they’ve made you who you are now.

Give yourself some quiet time for this Harvest exercise, and it will richly reward you:
I. Recognize your growth

Your transitions, shifts, and growth  are happening faster and more regularly than you usually notice. Think back to where you were a year ago, in January 2010, and mentally flip through the calendar of the year and all the changes you’ve been through:

1. Where has death happened? Not necessarily physical death, but the slow crumbling of old beliefs or ways of being, or sudden slippage of familiar patterns or certainties. (However you’ve been with it, know that it’s totally OK…)

2. Where has new life appeared? Not necessarily physical birth, but the slow awakening of new awareness, new hope, or new ways of being, or the sudden emergence of new energy, new love, or new freedom? (However you’ve been with it, all is well…)

3. Do you notice a theme for the year of how you’ve shown up in your life — in relation to yourself, and in relation to Spirit/God/Source? What have you been at work on?

4. What gifts have you received? (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, creative…)

5. What were some of your accomplishments, victories, and moments of peace or joy this year?  (Look in every area of your life: work, relationship, family, health and wellbeing, self-expression, creativity, spirituality, finances, wisdom/insight, friendship and community, self-care, fun, courage and persistence, resilience and patience…)

6. Do you have any regrets or disappointments?  See if you can you accept them as part of your learning for the year, all part of your growth… What did you learn from them?  Is there anything there to forgive yourself for, or to forgive someone else for?

7. What would you like to be acknowledged for?

Now breathe it all into your heart.  Let everything from this past year absorb into your heart, softening and melting away, as you release the old. It was what it was. All is well, whether you understand it or not… Allow yourself to start to feel more and more peaceful, empty, and open.

II. Recognize those who’ve helped you on your way

Who has contributed to your growth this past year? What do you want to acknowledge them for?

If you’re fortunate and count your blessings, it can be a long list…

Here’s mine – and YOU might be on it:

I am very grateful to have had many brilliant and loving people contribute to my growth this year:

• My mentors Lisa Sasevich and Lisa Cherney, who showed me how to grow my business and finances beyond anything I’d imagined, in a spirit of authenticity and service;

• my amazing fellow Sassies, in particular Helen Wood, Natasha Abudarham, Nikkea Devida, Amethyst Wyldfyre, Joy Perreras, Brian McFadin, Jaye Winslow, Kathleen Loden, Annamaria Pahlua, Sonia Miller, Stacey Canfield, also Jimbo Marshall, Kay White, Kit Furey, Jodi Hume, Mikell Parsons, Lillian Coury, Linda Allred, Michael Sasevich, Mirna Bard, Ping Li, Deb Lindholm, Helen Kim, Veronica Kaufman… Their friendships, inspiration, wisdom, deep support, coaching, partnerships, and community helped me take quantum leaps this year. Friends for life!

• additional wise friends who believed in me and were there with their gifts when I needed them: Laura Vannah, John Kingsley, Erla Heyns, Laura Ponticello, Marion Ferrar, Kellie Ryan, Neal Wecker, Linda Erb, Mary Balfour, Nutmeg, Damaris, Jai Hari Meyerhoff, Daphne Cohn, John Rogers, Hilary Barret, Dewey Neild, Melissa Wadsworth, Vicky Boynton, Ravi Walsh, Carmen Munson

• my “clearing committee”: Margot Schoeps, Jana Hexter, Samantha Abrams, Elliot Sullivan, John Kingsley, Donna Tregaskis

• my Academy of Muses dance family, especially fellow Muses Kellie Ryan, Neal Wecker, Laura Beck and Amy Thompson, also all of our beautiful participants.

• my family family: Brian, for all his support and love; Cora and Madeleine, for the joy and sweetness they bring; my parents for their love, belief in me & my work, and amazing generosity; Aunt Carol and Aunt Janice for same; beloved sibs Coowe, Ruth, Jon, in-laws Sadie, Dave, Katy and Laura, cousins Diane M and Diane J — for being great friends as well as family.

• My wonderful clients this past year (who are often also my teachers) – Possibility Portrait clients, Grow Your Dreams Intensive clients, Vision-Powered Planning clients, private clients, and all the participants at our Vision-Powered Planning Retreats and other visioning workshops and talks this year, and the many amazing people who opened their lives to me in strategy sessions.  Thank you for your trust, your courage, and allowing me to guide you into your own Light.

• Last but not least, my virtual assistants, Deborah Davis and Kristin Kuzik, who take things off my plate

After all the ups and downs of this intense year of growth, I am left now full of gratitude and peace. I wish you the same.

Love, Peace, and all Blessings to you for the New Year,


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